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Mia Lopez

Wedding Services Coordinator

Passionate About
Mia is the name makeup is my game. I’m obsessed!
Inspired By
Danessa Myricks is a self taught makeup artist, photographer, entrepreneur, founder, and mother. Her story and success inspires me everyday to strive for greatness and to never lose sight of my makeup dreams.
Guilty Pleasure
I religiously watch Grey’s Anatomy every day.
Favorite Spotify Playlist

“I believe all woman are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” Bobby Brown”

Growing up in a household full of women influenced my career in many ways. Watching my mother, aunt, and grandma play with cosmetics day to day intrigued me. I remember being no older than five and sneaking in to my grandma’s bathroom to use her eyelash curler, lipstick, and Chanel powder. Around the age of eight I was sitting at my aunt’s vanity playing with all of her MAC Cosmetics makeup brushes. By age eleven I was wearing eye makeup to school and that’s when my obsession for makeup truly began.

I didn’t have the best self confidence in my pre-teen and teenage years. Discovering the power of makeup was a game changer. The confidence I got from having makeup on in comparison to being bare faced was night and day. Before I knew it I became a product junkie. The more products I tried the more looks I was able to achieve. As I grew an appreciation for the power of makeup, I also grew an appreciation for my imperfections that make me unique.

After five years of doing makeup on myself I started to really hone my application skills. When a friend at school asked if she could pay me to do her homecoming makeup I thought the idea was so fun. That appointment I realized I had found my career path. Seeing my client feel so confident and beautiful from my work was a very rewarding and fulfilling moment. My mission is to give all of my clients confidence and enhance their beautiful features through makeup application for special days or learning purposes.