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The Restless Circle

The Restless Circle is essential to relieve your hair from stress— used to combat against breakage from an active lifestyle. It is an invisible mask for those who want to take care of their hair whilst carrying out other activities. It gives body and elasticity protecting the hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics.

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3 Ways to Attract Greatness in Solitude Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Keep keen sight of your 2020 visions by using qualities based on your zodiac sign to feel motivated everyday from home! Use this time wisely to manifest and grow closer to everything you want to achieve once you’re back to your normal routine! ZODIAC BREAKDOWN: Aries: The Ram   March 21st- April 20th It’s no surprise […]

Medium Hold Modeling Gel

This Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel gives body an elasticity to curls, dries quickly and eliminates frizz— for structured and full-bodied wet looks.

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Medium Hold

Accelerates Blowdry