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Sarah Rico

Receptionist at East Sacramento

Passionate About

Making a difference in people’s everyday lives and her dog, Zoey.

Inspired By

Self Growth and Strong Women.

Guilty Pleasure

Collecting crystals and watching reality shows with her wife, Julie

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

Sarah has been in the cosmetology industry for over 5 years. Since deciding to step away from being behind the chair in March 2021, Sarah has shifted her career focus from being a hairstylist to operational management at The Colour Bar Salon.  Since she began her first customer service job at 15, Sarah has always had a passion for client connections and making a difference in people’s lives with kindness and patience.

Wanting to continue her growth with The Colour Bar Salon, Sarah’s goal is to assist welcoming new hires to the team, training and mentoring reception staff,inventory management and elevating the client experience at her forever home, The Colour Bar. Sarah genuinely enjoys The Salon Culture and interacting with clients and staff in a salon setting. Sarah is truly committed to her success and is excited to continue to grow personally and professionally with The Colour Bar!