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Sharon Monteon

Hairstylist at Midtown

Especialties: Balayage and Color Melts and Textured Cuts
Passionate About

The process of becoming the best version of myself

Inspired By

My two beautiful art loving kids who also love creating

Guilty Pleasure

Coffee and Teen Mom! 😝

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“Your only limit is your mind”

Hi I’m Sharon! I’ve been a hairstylist for 8 years now and went to Federico Beauty Institute. Balayage is my jam! Since I could remember I’ve always had a passion for art and creativity. It’s the fuel to my fire! I love constantly improving and educating myself to better deliver a great experience for all my guests. When I was younger I was always a fan of the makeover transformation shows! It was in the magic of seeing how when the outside matched the inside in their own authentic way, the guests were all of a sudden free and inspired. Being able to make someone feel so magical through art is what I wanted my career to be! So find me at The Colour bar and let’s start your hair transformation journey!

Sharon's Reviews

The Colour Bar is the place to go for cut and color – I have recommended it to SO many friends that I figured it was time for me to write a review!

I’ve gone to Sharon 4 or 5 times now and each time she understands EXACTLY what I want. I’ve been going progressively blonder (from a lighter brown) with a balayage ombre and each appointment she lightens it a little bit with highlights. She knows I’m very low maintenance about my hair and touching it up so she always makes sure to keep it looking natural – and it still looks good even after 4-5 months of no color touch ups! they also offer you water and glasses of wine during your appointment which is a plus for me!

Eleanor N. / Yelp

SHARON IS THE BOMB!!! I cannot rant and rave ENOUGH. I am so so happy that I decided to give this salon a try, and even happier I was booked with Sharon, it was destiny I’ve tried a couple of places but definitely was not entirely happy with the results. I called The Colour Bar Midtown on a whim and desperate! They only availability was with Sharon and I couldn’t be happier! She is a blessing and she knows what she’s doing. I immediately connected with her and trust her beyond belief. She’s so awesome! She helped me figure out styling, gave me tips, suggestions and answered all my questions very knowledgeably. I will be recommending everyone to her! Thank you Sharon!!

Tina B. / Yelp

Call and book your appointment with Sharon and you won’t be disappointed! I scheduled my first appointment at The Colour Bar with Sharon after seeing several pictures on my Instagram of hair photos that I really really liked.  Sharon listened to what I wanted and explained the process of achieving the look all while making sure I was satisfied before letting me leave the salon. Huge points right there!!! I appreciate a stylist who loves what they do so much that it shows in their work! This was definitely the case when Sharon was done with my hair. The products she used were ALL so amazing my hair looked and smelt like its never had before. In the end I couldn’t thank her enough 🙂 She saved my hair and gave me the look that I had been wanting for so long. Thank you Sharon! You are a hair goddess!

Nadia R. / Yelp