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Tregan Sheldon

Hairstylist at East Sacramento

Passionate About

Easy to manage hair

Inspired By

Cool architecture

Guilty Pleasure

Happy hour margaritas

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“Spark your creativity”

Tregan is an Oregon native moved to California. A stylist with 4 years of experience, and a whole lot of passion. Behind the chair Tregan loves to cut hair and show people how easy it is to style it. His goal is to make you feel happy and beautiful. When not at the salon he enjoys taking continuing education, and going on long walks with his dog Maggie.

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Tregan's Reviews

First time getting a quick hair trim with Tregan and he exceeded expectations as far as a hair trim goes! It was the most detailed trim I’ve ever gotten. He took his time and got all my split ends out. It wasn’t just a quick “trim the ends” and go kind of thing. He is a master at dry haircuts for sure! And I’m not usually a big fan of dry cuts. But my hair looked amazing and felt amazing afterwards. He was fun to talk to and it felt like I’d been using him for years. I’ll definitely be back to see him and recommend him to anyone that needs hair care! Thank you Tregan!

Jessica M. / Yelp

I read reviews for the Colour Bar and decided I would check them out.

I think it is neat that they have new clients come in prior to their appointment to discuss what they want done with the actual stylist. I think this helps manage expectations as well as gauge how long the appointment will need to be. The consultation was very quick and I left knowing what we were going to do and how much it was going to cost.

My appointment was with Tregan who was very personable and easy to talk with. I’m generally not all that talkative and prefer to sit quietly, but we had a good balance of chatting and quiet. And, most importantly, my hair came out great. I’ve gotten several compliments since coming in on how healthy and shiny my hair

Tiffany B. / Yelp

I went here for the first time about a month ago and this is my new spot! I’ve been to a lot of hair salons in Sacramento but the end result of my hair and the customer service was hard to beat.
Tregan did a blonde to brunette color correction for me that turned out SO amazing!
The receptionist, the stylists and the owner were super pleasant and really made me feel welcome. A huge thank you to the Colour bar east sac!!!

Cimmone B. / Yelp