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★★★★★ “LOVE”

“I have wavy-curly hair (curly underneath and more wavy on top). I use this product after I shower (using the Devines Ol shampoo and Conditioner <3). I run it through my hair then scrunch it a bit with my hands, I then use the Davines Oil non-oil.

MY curls come out so silky smooth and just perfect! I love the smell of this product that I go in with a little more afterwards to get the smell.

Love all Davines products as you can see, but this combination makes my hair look gorgeous and natural (..and smell delicious!)” -Erica


“I can not even style my hair without Curl Serum & would not try if I ran out! It controls my curls & I look like I have twice the thickness that I do! It is my go to product wet or dry before I leave the house!” -Beth


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