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Brandon Luna

Videographer/Video Editor

Passionate About


Inspired By

Jae and Trey Richards, brothers who made a name for themselves on YouTube through their creative editing style and comedic videos.

Guilty Pleasure

Spicy Chips

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“My name is Brandon Luna, but you know that already.”

I was born in Pasadena, California, not to be confused with Pasadena, Texas. I begun creating videos alongside friends and video editing eventually branched off into a hobby of mine that I did independently. I taught myself the ins and outs of the programs and software I would need to make my videos look professional and for 6 years I have been shooting and editing videos for my friends, myself, and school. I am currently attending Sacramento State majoring in Kinesiology, but with intent to major in Video Editing. My mother owned and operated her own hair salon, so I grew up around a lot of the things I see here on a day to day basis. Being with the Colour Bar brings me a sort of comfort since this was basically my early childhood. I enjoy filming videos for my instagram, cooking, eating the food that I cook, stating the obvious, and telling dumb jokes.

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