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Order Fulfillment Specialist

Passionate About
I am passionate about paying positivity forward.
Inspired By
I am inspired by my hard-working husband Greg.
Guilty Pleasure
Any streaming service, I am such a TV nerd.
Favorite Spotify Playlist

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Hi! My name is Chantal. I am born and raised in Toronto, Canada. To answer your question YES that IS where Drake is from… Haha. Everyone who knows me there knows me as someone who is passionate about hair, make-up, and photography. Basically any creative outlet I got the chance to explore. As I grew older I was pressured to pick a career that was praised and “made money” so, I decided since I am a people pleaser it was fitting to study nursing. It was rewarding, I was content. And then suddenly I met my person<3… And that was it for me. So, I decided to up root my entire life and move to California. I’ve been here now for 2 years and absolutely love it! You can find me cycling on the american river or cuddled in a huge blanket at the movie theaters.

Let’s get personal… Being considered an immigrant I had a tough time finding myself a job anywhere. If you can relate, I feel for you! But trust the process and trust that life will land you where you are meant to be. It did for me! When I came across Lorena at the colour bar. I put myself out there and asked her for a chance. Her and Alfonso decided to add me to their team and I am so happy to be apart of it. Right now I work as a receptionist along side Sarah and I love it! BUT… I do believe in things happening for a reason and I definitely take this as a sign. I will someday be behind the chair helping you love your hair too!