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Hailee Boman

Hairstylist at Midtown

Passionate About

Everything hair, uplifting others, learning, & fashion.

Inspired By

My family, friends, & coworkers.

Guilty Pleasure

In n out, coffee, wine, shopping, & Netflix.

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Hailee is very passionate about hair, she is always excited and ready to learn anything and everything she can about hair. She attended Sonoma State University and originally was a Kindergarten teacher for about a year. Hailee has always had a love for hair and would always find herself doing friends hair in her spare time so one day she decided to listen to her heart.

She then went on to attend Federico Beauty Institute which only caused her love for hair to grow even more. As a stylist Hailee really enjoys working with color, especially blondes. She also loves styling and helping others feel good through doing their hair.

Hailee is always working on keeping up with the newest trends and she believes that she can forever learn and work on perfecting her craft as a hairstylist.