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Samantha Vimbela

Hairstylist at Midtown

Passionate About

Learning, my 4 dogs, and self-expression through any art form.

Inspired By

My family, friends, and my hispanic heritage

Guilty Pleasure

Disney, spicy ramen, and coffee

Favorite Spotify Playlist

“The challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.” — Marianne Williamson

Who am I?

Growing up, being a stylist was always a part of Samantha’s life ever since she can remember. She grew up watching endless YouTube videos of hair and makeup looks, became fascinated by the arts, and found comfort in it. She would sit in front of the mirror with a tutorial learning how to do trendy braids and updos. She didn’t know it then, but her passion grew from there, and in 2022, she decided to make her dream of being a stylist a mission. Samantha makes it her goal as a stylist to make others feel safe and comfortable in her chair and wants anyone to feel like their best selves when getting a service from her.

Do I have a specialty?

Samantha’s specializes in highlights and dimensional brunettes. She loves doing blowout styles.