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Siah Harper

UX Designer

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Leaving the world better than I found it.

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Clever Solutions

Guilty Pleasure

Refusing to Go to Bed

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A sucker for good story telling.

My obsession with design started a young age. Even before that I realized that certain things I loved doing, like organizing my Hot Wheels by color, shape, size, and personality, turned out to be foreshadowing for my career choices.

I started mentoring with great designers at thirteen years old and by the time I was graduating high school, I was salivating for real world experience. I started college at California State University Sacramento with 34 Units under my belt, which made me on track to graduate in a total of three years instead of four. After my first year, I applied to CSUS’ Graphic Design Cohort Program. There were more than 100 Juniors who applied and only 40 who would be able to call themselves Graphic Design Majors. The program was impacted. In May of 2020, I was thankful to be accepted and humbly welcomed into my cohort of peers for the next two years to come.

In my long journey towards something inevitable, I have only cemented the love I have for communication and identity, web and motion design, and telling great stories. Whether its a line of Hot Wheels toys or a Colour Bar with a long history, I’m a sucker for telling good stories.