Join the Refillution: 5 New Davines Essential Haircare Refill Pouches Are Here!

essential haircare refill pouches

Davines is taking another step forward in sustainable beauty by introducing the new Essential Haircare Refill Pouches! The North American Davines market has been anxiously awaiting this launch since it was first released in other markets but now is the time: It is finally here!

How Do the Essential Haircare Refill Pouches Help the Environment?

The new refill pouches are not only cute, but also allow us to leave less of an environmental footprint. Whenever anything more sustainable is released, it’s often accompanied by facts and figures explain how it more beneficial for the environment. The refill pouches are no different! Let’s breakdown the claims Davines has said about their newest sustainability venture.

74% Less Plastic:

Since these pouches are the size of 2 retail bottles in one pouch, you are using 74% less plastic when you purchase the pouch over the two retail.

Recyclable Packaging:

The pouch is single-material packaging making it easy to recycle! However, we always recommend checking the recycling rules in your area to ensure it qualifies.

Reduced CO2 Emissions:

The idea of refill pouches is to decrease the sale of the retail bottles which will then decrease the CO2 emissions as a whole!

5 New Essential Haircare Refill Pouches:

essentials hair care refill pouches

With double the product in our refill pouches, at a discounted price, you will be able to refill your retail size Davines Essentials Haircare shampoo twice before needing to repurchase another pouch!


Function: Preserve Hair Color + Add Shine
Active Ingredient: Caper Blossoms

“Minu” is meant to be short for “illuminating”. This product family will increase shine as well as preserving your hair color. The whole family is made up of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and hair serum. The hair serum is a leave in conditioner that makes your hair feel incredibly soft and shiny.

Love Smooth

Function: Anti-frizz + Smoothing
Active Ingredient: Minuta Olive

Love Smooth definitely a fan favorite from the Essential Haircare line. This is meant to help fight against frizz and makes it easier to achieve a smooth style, in salon or at home! The family is complete with shampoo, conditioner, an instant mask (only 30 seconds needed!), 2 different leave in hair smoothers, and a solid shampoo bar. The difference between the two leave in smoothers is that the Smoothing Perfector has heat protection, up to 450 degrees, whereas the Hair Smoother doesn’t. They can be mixed together for an added smoothing effect.


Function: Lightweight Hydration
Active Ingredient: Yellow Melon

“Momo” is short for moisturizing. This is such a fantastic lightweight moisturizing product family. A lot of times a hydrating shampoo and conditioner can feel too heavy for someone who has finer hair but with Momo that is not the case! The family is made up of shampoo, conditioner, hair potion (a wonderful leave in conditioner that can be put on wet or dry hair), and a solid shampoo bar.

Love Curl

Function: Elasticizing + Hydrating Curls
Active Ingredient: Noto Almond

The Love Curl family is one of the most extensive families in the Essential line. The reason for this is because the spectrum of waves and curls are is extensive and all of the different curl patterns need different things from their haircare routines. This line includes: a cleansing cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, curl primer, curl controller, curl cream, and a curl revitalizer.


Function: Repair + Nourishment
Active Ingredient: Fiaschetto Tomato

This family, named “Nounou” is short for nourishing. This is specifically meant for processed, brittle hair. It is different than Momo because it is nourishing the hair helping to restructure and rebuild the hair. This line only contains shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

Davines’ Sustainability Over the Years with Essential Haircare

2004: Essential Haircare is born.

2014: Essential Haircare gets a makeover! Packaging is lightweight, reusable, and recyclable.

2017: Our plastic bottles are revamped to be a bio-based plastic from renewable plant sources like sugarcane.

2020: Essential Haircare Solid Shampoos are launched with 100% recyclable paper packaging from our partners the Forest Stewardship Council.

2024: Essential Haircare Shampoo Refills are launched!

Be on the lookout for the official launch on our website.

Until Next Time,

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