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The Colour Bar Salon: The Beautiful H.E.A.R.T. of Midtown Sacramento in 2023

midtown sacramento

The Colour Bar is celebrating 7 years at their Midtown Sacramento location Wednesday, May 24th! The company has been open for a total of 13 years and opened their Midtown location in 2016. Keep reading to see why we really are the H.E.A.R.T. of Midtown Sacramento! The Colour Bar Story The Colour Bar is a […]

The Colour Bar’s Protege Program: A Journey into Styling Excellence

Protege program

In the busy world of hair salons, where creativity and skill converge, The Colour Bar has established itself as a beacon of excellence with one of our standout features – the Protege Program. This program is a comprehensive training initiative that molds aspiring stylists fresh out of cosmetology school into skilled professionals! Led by our […]

3 Incredible Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Child Bond: The Hair Edition


The mother-child bond is extremely important and at The Colour Bar, we believe that a way to strengthen it is through the healing power of hair. From learning how to take care of ourselves to pamper days as the salon, these special hair moments involve spending quality time together. Throughout our lives we have these […]