Monthly Archives: July 2020

All About the Sensational Oi Line


The time has come to indulge in total hair and body restoration with the Oi Line by Davines! Consisting of seven products all composed of decadent Roucou oil, this line clearly sets itself aside and on top from other competitors on the market. This multi-beneficial key ingredient found in each product stays true to sustainable […]

6 Fun Hair Trends You Must Try this Summer


Here we are in the midst of summer 2020 where the days are longer and the weather is definitely hotter! As life continues returning to “normal” more and more each day, our calendars are becoming booked with beach days and dinner dates for the first time in months. Just in time for summer, right? With […]

Naturaltech: 9 Perfect Solutions for All of Your Hair Needs


Davines’s Naturaltech Line has completely redefined hair care as we know it! Composed of all natural products, each is formulated to create healthy hair starting from the scalp. Consisting of 9 product families, each is full of restorative properties created to help everyone’s unique hair reach its healthiest potential. Innovative formulas combine fresh fruits and […]