Get Incredible Custom Hand Tied Hair Extensions at The Colour Bar in Sacramento 2024

Hand tied hair extensions

At The Colour Bar, hand tied hair extensions are one of our favorite type of hair extensions. It provides the most coverage and comfort possible when applied to the hair and is completely customizable based on our clients’ specific needs. This type of hair extension install makes it easy to put your hair in a high pony tail while still concealing the fact that you are wearing extensions at all. While we don’t believe hair extensions are something you should be ashamed of, we respect that you should have the choice of who you share it with.

hand tied hair extensions

What are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

This can get confusing because when people talk about hand tied hair extensions they can be talking about 2 things:

  1. the process of how the extensions are applied
  2. the way the extensions wefts are actually made

When we are applying your wefts, we are hand sewing them on to your beaded foundation. However, at The Colour Bar, the “hand tied” title is not because of how we are attaching the extensions but because of how they are actually made. The weft themselves are hand made or hand tied hair extensions.

The reason we choose to use hand tied hair extensions is because it allows us to customize the density of our client’s natural hair more precisely. By matching the density, you are more likely to achieve a natural look without damaging the hair or scalp.

What Does a Custom Hand Tied Hair Application Entail?

When you come in for your initial application of custom hand tied hair extensions, we want it to be an all inclusive experience for you. When you arrive you will be welcomed into the salon and offered drinks and snacks off of our menu.

Snacks and Drinks Menu


Once you are at our station, you will be greeted with a gift bag including everything you need to properly take care of your new hair at home. Included in this gift bag is:

  • Hand tied hair extensions safe hair brush
  • Full size shampoo + conditioner– the specific shampoo and conditioner you get varies based on what your hair needs.
  • Oi All in One Milk– to protect the hair from the heat of a blow dry, hydrate your hair, help detangle and fight frizz
  • Oi Oil– to continue to hydrate your hair extensions in-between washes
  • Detailed list of how to take care of your hair extensions incase you forget what we talk about while you’re in

Next we are going to get started on coloring your natural hair if need be. If you aren’t needing color on your natural hair we will wash and condition before installing your new hair!

After we have applied all of the hair we will finish blow-drying and then custom cut your new look. A lot of clients are scared when it comes to this part. They feel like they just paid for that hair and they don’t want to lose any strand of it. However, if we don’t cut your hair at all, your hair will ALWAYS look like hair extensions and typically that is not what our clients are looking for.

When we are cutting your new extensions we are creating a more natural texture to it. It will allow more movement so that your hair looks like if could have grown out of your head instead of it looking like it came out of the package.

Once we are happy with your cut we do our finishing styling touches and take after photos! You get to leave feeling like the bad b**** you’ve always been 😉

If you’re interested in a consultation with one of our hair extensions artists please fill out our consultation form here.

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂