Bright Blondes are Made in the Winter!


Blondes, it’s never too early to start the process!

Who hates the unwritten rule  “dark hair for winter, lighter for summer”? We need to unlearn this rule, or understand that it comes with very specific instructions! As the holiday season ends and Spring creeps around the corner we hear it more and more- “I want to be blonde for summer!”

Waiting until the weather is warm and the sun is out shining to begin the process will often leave clients feeling disappointed because we end up in the warm transition stage, and not as blonde as we would like during prime summer time! Our recommendation? Start NOW!

Depending on our starting canvas, budget, and time, chances are that a blonde transformation will take sessions. And the darker the hair, the more sessions required to get you to that hair goal. If you’re thinking of going lighter for the warmer months, we need to start seeing you in the salon at the beginning of the year! 


Assuming a client can come in to the salon every 4-6 weeks, (the minimum time frame recommended between lightening sessions) starting in the early months of the year allows enough time to be past the warm orange stage by summer time. This time also allows your hair to rest and get those necessary treatments and trims between lightening sessions so you can enjoy beautiful healthy hair through all those hot girl summer activities. 

If you’re thinking of going blonde, it is important to understand the maintenance and care that chemically treated hair needs. Expect to invest in an at-home hair care routine to keep your hair happy and healthy, expect to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks for a toner appointment to control any unwanted yellow or orange tones, and expect needing a lightening session every few months. Also, expect that your stylist will need to trim those ends every few appointments! Haircuts are a major key to maintaining the health of your hair- no more scraggly ends in 2020. 

Here are some products we recommend to maintain the integrity of your hair:


This post was written by our assistant, Isabelle, and inspired by our stylist, Gisell!