The Colour Bar’s Favorite Super Bowl Memes of 2024

Super Bowl Memes

When it comes to the biggest football game of the year, I am only watching to see the Super Bowl memes that come out at the end.

Our Favorite Super Bowl Memes of 2024

1. Ice Spice Having No Idea What’s Going On

There are multiple videos of people explaining something about the game to Ice Spice and they kill me because that is exactly me. Watching it all start to click with the big “ohhhh” expression on her face feels like I’m looking in a mirror.

Ice Spice may not understand the game of football but she does understand how to work a camera!

Super Bowl Memes

2. Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend featured on Nickelodeon’s Broadcast

Super Bowl Memes

Nickelodeon was one of the official broadcasters of Super Bowl LVIII. They decided to keep things on brand by having Spongebob Squarepants and Sandy Cheeks as their commentators. They also made of point of (correctly) labeling Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce as “Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend” with the description of “good at football”.

3. Travis Kelce Losing It on His Coach

Super Bowl Memes

This particular set up for this Super Bowl meme was created by me but I have seen this picture multiple times with different captions. I don’t know what Taylor Swift’s boyfriend was so mad about but it did make for an epic meme photo!

Some funny captions that have been put to this photo include but are not limited to:

“Usher talking to his sound team after the half time show”

  • Apparently there was some technical issues with the sound for Usher’s performance. To be honest, I thought he did a good job and didn’t notice but I’m not a sound tech so what do I know!

Don’t worry guys, Kelce claimed during a post game interview that he was just telling Coach Andy Reid how much he loves him

Also we’re only half joking with these Super Bowl memes, PLEASE use a quality heat protectant like the Melu Hair Shield!

Super Bowl LVIII’s Best Hair Goes to….


Super Bowl Memes
Neal Farinah via Instagram

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I love that sports can bring so many people together to enjoy something they love together. I also think that we sometimes put a little bit too much importance on a silly little game which is why I appreciate the Super Bowl memes!

Until Next,

Josie 🙂