5 Effective Ways to Stay Positive


Over the next few weeks, there is no doubt that our positive mindsets, attitudes, and overall moods will be tested. Our normal day to day routines have quickly been taken away from us, and the ambiguity of when normalcy will return can definitely lead to some restlessness. Here at The Colour Bar, we strongly believe that mindset and attitude is everything, so it is kind of our duty to give you some advice on how to stay positive and keep the good vibes in check! 

First thing’s first, I (Haley), wanted to provide a personal anecdote in which I definitely let my mindset take a turn for the worse, but realized the importance of finding the bright side:

I tested out of high school in the middle of my junior year and my mom’s biggest argument in letting me go forward with this decision was the fact that she wasn’t going to watch me walk across the stage and receive my diploma. I completely understood where she was coming from but I assured her time and time again that she would see me graduate from college. This put the both of us at ease because we agreed that it was just as good, if not even better!

Fast forward to two colleges and two major changes later, I am finally set to graduate this upcoming May. This is a day that both my mom and I have anticipated for years and with the current situation presented by Covid-19, my graduation ceremony has been postponed for an unknown date. Although this has been something extremely difficult to cope with, I had to flip the switch in my own mind and realize that just because my ceremony has been postponed, that doesn’t take away my degree or all of the hard work I have put in. 

As difficult as it can be to focus on the positive, in times like this it isn’t necessarily optional. It is less about what we can do, and more about what we need to do. I could spend my days wallowing in sadness, but the harsh reality is that doing so won’t change the outcome, if anything it will make it worse.

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel is always worth it, and I can promise you that working towards a more positive mindset isn’t something you will ever regret doing. 99.9% of the outcome of each and everyday all comes down to our mindset and the attitudes that we chose to have, so why not have a good one! 

Here are some of my favorite things to do to stay positive and happy! 

Verbally express your gratitude- don’t just think it! Whether it is to yourself, with your family, or friends, the power of gratitude is a strong one. One of the things we do at our monthly meetings is individually share something we are grateful for. This morning, my co-worker (and also roommate!), had the idea that we should bring that same mentality to our mornings at home, and so we did! It can seem so minute, but after seeing a quote the other day that read, “what if you woke up today with only the things you were thankful for yesterday?”, it really put the weight of gratitude into perspective for me.

Scroll with a purpose! It is definitely easier said than done to stay off your phone, especially social media. I personally know that this can be tricky, especially in a time like this where I have much more free time that I am used to, and because my job revolves around it. That being said, I like to make sure I am looking at content that will lift my spirits, rather than bring them down. Remember that when it comes to social media, you have the power to eliminate anything that doesn’t bring value to your life.

Move your body! As easy as it is to sink into the couch, or even stay in bed and watch movies and Netflix all day, try not to! With gyms being closed, it is easy to get in the mindset that working out isn’t an option anymore but you have to get creative! I personally use the “Alive” fitness app by  Whitney Simmons, but there are plenty of other apps and videos on youtube as well for some at home inspo. 

  • There are also other things you can do like going for a walk (yes, it’s allowed and I completely recommend it)! Just 10 minutes of sunlight a day can really contribute to boosting your immune system (don’t forget your sunscreen!) 
  • You know that TikTok app I told you to get? Well, there are also TikTok dances that I fully recommend you learning, it’s a guaranteed good time! My roommate and I spent a good hour learning the dance to “Say So” last night and worked up a sweat, all while having fun! 

Human interaction is key! Keep your distance though 😉 Whether it’s through a text, phone call, or facetime call it is so worth it. We have to realize that the universe has granted us the time to do the things we constantly claim we don’t have the time to do. Catch up with an old friend, call your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins… anyone! Now is the time to connect with the people in your life that you don’t always have the time to talk to. You never know how much your call can make someone’s day, which is incredibly important during testing times like these.

Listen to a podcast! One of the best things about podcasts is that you don’t have to watch a screen to get the information. There are so many different genres of podcasts out there, I can guarantee that there is one for you. When I listen to podcasts, I use that time to multi-task, whether it’s while I clean/organize, get ready, or while I am stretching/working out– it is a good way to receive valuable information while also keeping busy! My two favorite podcasts at the moment are What We Said and Mile Higher

  • What We Said– “Intended to inspire and entertain, best friends Jaci Marie and Chelsy Jade talk candidly about health, business, relationships, life, etc. You can expect the girls to be joined by occasional guests, reading friends’ and fans’ stories, and offering unsolicited but heartfelt advice.” 
  • Mile Higher– “Hosted by husband and wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae! Our show focused on True Crime but we delve into many other topics including conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations and news stories the lamestream media doesn’t cover. “
  • Also shameless plug, our manager, Erin, has a podcast out where she covers eliminating limiting beliefs, personal growth, and time management to create a life worth living!

I hope you enjoyed my list of 5 things I do to stay positive and from here I will leave you with some wise words from our CEO, Alfonso. 

“We are in the brink of facing what may be the most challenging months in the last 10 years. This post is to serve as a reminder that there are many things that are out of our control but it is what we do with what we can control that will help us go through these difficult times.

Start your day with gratitude.

Who would have thought that one day we would have limited access to toilet paper? May these times remind us that we should not take anything for granted. Not the air, not the supplies, not our health. Starting your day with gratitude is the best way to face the challenges ahead.

Positivity is your duty and responsibility.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s your duty and responsibility to show up with a positive mindset for the people that rely on you. You’ve made it this far and there’s no reason for you to give up now. Remember that through every dark night there’s a bright day after that.

During hard times, hard work always works.

While most are taking this as a time to panic or relax – entrepreneurs take this as a time to work. Now, more than ever. Nothing like necessity to drive creativity. Whether you see it or not, your next 3-5 years will be defined by what you do during these difficult times.

Ignore the noise.

In a time of hysteria, everyone will have an opinion. The lack of toilet paper is a good sign to stop taking other people’s shit. Don’t make your decisions just to follow the crowd. This is a time to own your wins or your losses without regrets. Don’t panic, stay focused on your craft and don’t let the opinions of others derail you from your goals and ambitions.

Help others.

Your long-term success is correlated to the number of people you impact along your journey. Live by this rule and you’ll be in a better place coming out of these difficult times.

I wish everyone health & strength during these trying times. I trust that in a few weeks our community will be able to come back together and stronger than ever.”