All About Our Styling Bundles


Introducing our new styling bundles— perfectly curated by our stylists to give you the best results for whatever look you are trying to achieve! The best part? When you purchase a styling bundle, you’ll save 10% off of normal retail pricing for the individual products. It’s a steal and you really can’t go wrong. I mean, who doesn’t want their dream hair for a discount? 😉 Continue reading to find the perfect bundle for you! 

The Blowout Bundle


This bundle is simple, with just Liquid Spell and Oi Oil, your perfect blowout is right around the corner. Liquid Spell is a transformative fluid that not only aids in repairing your hair, but also adds insane volume to really amplify your blowout. All you have to do is apply a few pumps to your roots to your ends, comb through, and blowdry. It’s a low  maintenance product with high maintenance results! Next in the bundle is Oi Oil, aka magic in a bottle. Oi Oil can be applied to wet hair, dry hair, or both— it really just depends on how much your hair needs the moisture! A little goes a long way with this product and it is perfect to finish off your blowout. Apply a small amount to your hands and work it in from your mids to your ends to tame any unwanted frizz. It’s that simple! 

The Wavy Bundle


Effortless, lived-in waves are all the rage right now, so of course we had to create a wavy bundle to help you achieve just that. This bundle includes Melu Hair Shield, Dry Texturizer, and Medium Hold Hairspray. Before you begin heat-styling, be sure to apply the Melu Hair Shield all over to protect your hair from any damage, you can also apply Medium Hold Hairspray prior to curling if your hair doesn’t tend to hold curl very well. Once you finish curling, apply hairspray all over then let your curls cool down. Brush through then finish off with Dry Texturizer to add weightless texture to your hair, which will aid in achieving that lived-in wave. If you have any pesky fly-aways, you can apply the hairspray to your fingertips and lightly pat over them. Happy styling! 

The Sleek & Straight Bundle:


For those who want a perfectly straight, frizz-free look. Complete with heat protectant, a styling product, and  an oil—this look is easily achievable! Before styling, apply the Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid, this product is basically going to do all the work for you. Simply apply from mids to the ends and follow up with Melu Hair Shield to protect your hair from heat damage, blow dry in. If needed, finish off with a flat iron and apply Oi Oil from mids to ends as well to tame any unwanted frizz. 

If you find the Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid a little difficult to work in, you can always cocktail it with the Oi Oil to thin out the product a bit! 

The Curly Bundle: 

This bundle is perfect for those with natural curls who love to rock their texture! These three products will perfectly define your curls all while providing extra moisture to keep them nice and healthy. After washing, apply Oi Oil to damp hair and work it through the mids to the ends to provide an anti-frizz barrier and copious amounts of shine! Then go in with Momo Hair Potion and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch to further define your curls. Lastly, work in the Curl Building Serum to further define your curls and add elasticity and hold. 

We hope you find these bundles useful and that they ease any complications of styling your hair. If you have any further questions or need any product recommendations, shot us a DM on Instagram @_thecolourbar 🙂