5 Best Davines Families for Colored Hair

colored hair

Whether you have colored hair or bleached hair, one things for sure, quality products are a necessity to make sure the money you spent on your hair service makes it worth while. There is nothing worse than leaving the salon after spending upwards of $300 for your hair to become dull and lifeless two weeks later. Here at The Colour Bar, our goal is to make sure your hair looks like you just left the salon every day up, until your next service.

We compiled a list of our favorite Davines families perfect for those who bleach their hair and for those who simply opt for an all over color/toner. Although the services differ greatly, the maintenance to keep both services looking incredible between appointments is a quality at home hair routine.

For All Hair Types:

Oi: The Oi family is universally great for everyone, formulated for all hair types, its moisturizing and softening attributes will leave your hair looking like you just left the salon after every wash day.

This family will be better suited for you if you don’t bleach your hair and only opt for color depositing services as Davines has more intensive families targeted to those who bleach their hair and experience more breakage.

The Oi family contains a shampoo, conditioner, hair butter, oil, and leave-in treatment, and honestly, we recommend them all! If we must narrow it down for you, the Oi Oil and Oi All in One Milk are key to maintaining the health of your hair. Deposit long lasting moisture with the milk, and lock it in with the oil.

Best Sellers

Oi Shampoo

(52) $2.00$100.00

Best Sellers

Oi Conditioner

(50) $2.00$120.00

Best Sellers

OI All in One Milk

(39) $2.00$37.00

Best Sellers

Oi Oil

(11) $2.00$54.00

Hair Product

Oi Hair Butter

(11) $2.00$125.00

For Colored Hair:

Alchemic: The Alchemic family is a range of color depositing shampoos and conditioner perfect for enhancing natural color and maintaining cosmetic color. They are not formulated to be permanent, so you can use these products at home worry-free.

We recommend following up with a moisturizing conditioner such as Nounou or Momo prior to using the Alchemic family as the color-depositing formula can tend to slightly dry out the hair.

Minu: Say goodbye to dull hair and hello to illumination with the Minu family. The three products in the Minu Family are protective of colored hair and help to enhance shine and maintain color. The Minu hair serum will keep your hair moisturized between wash days and ensure that the duration of your color is extended between hair appointments.

Best Sellers

Minu Shampoo

(10) $2.00$86.00

Best Sellers

Minu Conditioner

(6) $2.00$97.00

Colored Hair

Minu Hair Serum

(1) $2.00$32.00

For Bleached Hair:

Nourishing: So you bleached your hair and now you’re dealing with some breakage, no worries, we got this family just for you! The Natural Tech Nourishing family is awesome for anyone with compromised hair from bleach or hot tools.

The Nourishing family comes locked and loaded with six different products to repair and restructure your hair back to health! But, don’t be overwhelmed as you don’t need all six!

We would recommend Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask (for thin/normal hair) OR the Nourishing Hair Building Pak (for thick/coarse hair), and the Nourishing Keratin Sealer to lock in all the goodness from your wash routine.

Heart of Glass: Davines’ most recent launch, Heart of Glass is formulated specifically for blondes to help repair damage and enhance the overall quality of your hair. This four part regimen is simple but very effective—the shampoo, conditioner, treatment and an illuminating thermal-protective fluid are key in ensuring your blonde stays bright and your hair stays healthy.

(16) $2.00$80.00
(10) $2.00$100.00

Damaged Hair

Nourishing Shampoo

(7) $2.00$92.00
(5) $2.00$36.00
(2) $2.00$85.00
(3) $2.00$110.00
(1) $37.00

You can also think here for a direct link to our “Colored Hair” category on our shop page. We hope you found this information useful and helpful to compile your perfect hair regimen. If you need further recommendations or have any questions, please shoot us a DM on Instagram and we will be happy to help out!