Davines Oi All in One Milk Reviews are In! Top 5 Reasons to Buy it Now

oi all in one milk

With so many leave-in conditioners on the market, we wanted to let you know why we believe that Davines Oi All in One Milk is the best of the best. Leave-in conditioners are a key step in a successful hair regimen, as they typically serve to detangle, fight frizz, and moisturize the hair. These are three essential benefits when it comes to achieving and maintaining healthy and manageable hair.

Below we will break down 5 of the reasons we believe you should be incorporating Oi All In One Milk in your hair regimen—as well as providing you with some of the raving reviews that satisfied customers have left!

Detangles/Prevents Breakage

Oi All in One Milk is a wonderful detangler. Ensuring that your hair is easy to brush through is vital because trying to brush through tangles is ultimately what leads to breakage. This product is used on wet hair, which makes this even more important because our hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet.


The formula of this leave-in conditioner is extremely moisturizing. This is essential especially if you are someone who deals with dry hair. Frizzy hair is often the result of hair that is simply lacking moisture.

Heat Protecting Properties

Oi All in One Milk also works as a heat and thermal protectant! Heat protectant is one of the most important steps when it comes to taking care of our hair. Using hot tools causes irreversible damage but with the help of heat protectant, we can minimize the negative effects hot tools leave behind while still having perfectly styled hair.

Softens the Hair

We can’t even put into words just how soft your hair will be once you begin using Oi All in One Milk. It will leave you with the silkiest locks after just one use! Not to mention, it smells so good—the fragrance notes are white rice and amber.

Enhances Shine

We all want shiny hair right?! This is easily attainable with Oi All in One Milk. As we previously mentioned, it aids in intensely moisturizing the hair and moisturized hair is shiny hair! The healthier your hair is the shinier it will be and this product will bring you one step closer to maintaining your healthiest hair.


“I have fine, thin hair that reaches halfway between my shoulder and my elbow. My hairstylist recently started using this brand in her salon and I absolutely love the way my hair looks! This milk keeps my normally noticeable frizzy hair at bay, and my hair has never been shinier! You know the Selena Gomez Pantene commercial from a few years back? Her hair looked beautiful—shiny, healthy and frizz-free. That’s what my hair looks like with this stuff, and this brand! Amazing”

“I love All in One Milk. I stopped using this for about one year. I was going crazy trying to find products to tame my frizz and showcase my curl. I stopped using all the useless products I had purchased over the year and went back to my Oui All in One Milk. Amazingly, the frizz is controlled and the curl is beautiful. Why did I bother looking for another product? Davines, don’t ever stop making this product.”

“Don’t walk, RUN! The OI All In One Milk has been a GAME CHANGER. For context, I would categorize my hair as medium/fine and generally dry/frizzy. Even though I have not dyed my hair, I could never seem to combat the frizz properly. All the leave-in sprays that I’ve tried have weighed down my hair and left it feeling greasy/flat. This product has completely changed my hair for the better — my hair is now super soft and shiny, my waves are defined and bouncy (not weighted down) and NO FRIZZ! I also love that this has a heat protectant. Huge fan!”

“Holy moly. This product is THE holy grail of leave in’s. I got the trial size to see if the hype in the reviews was real. Let me set the mood for you — dry AF, bleached out, TEXAS HUMIDITY FRIZZ hair…. and just like that it’s healthy again? I’m not questioning what makes this product so good, but I am asking that Davines NEVER stops making it. Getting the full size now!”

“New hair, all thanks to Davines! I have always used drug store products on my hair (Tresemme, Pantene, etc.) and I have always washed my hair every day, blow dried it and flat ironed it, so it was breaking off terribly. I finally took my stylist’s recommendation and gave Davines a try and this hair milk has been my hair’s savior! My hair is so much healthier and isn’t breaking off as much. I’ve been using this product for over 6 months now and it’s well worth the money. I caved and started using the shampoos and conditioners as well and it’s a world of difference. I recommend doing it all; shampoos, conditioners, hair milk and the oil after the hair is dry. Go big, or go home!”


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The Colour Bar Salon Owner and Master Stylist, Lorena Martinez, talks all about the crème de la crème leave in product, Oi All in One Milk—from the benefits to the best way to use it. We can’t live without it and neither should you.