5 Davines Best Sellers + How We Use Them

davines best sellers

As you know, we love Davines around here! So, we wanted to talk to you about 5 of our Davines Best Sellers and go into depth in terms of what the product is, how to use it, and some pro tips on how we like to use them to achieve endless good hair days!

Now lets get into our Davines Best Sellers: 

‘More inside’ is a range of specific yet versatile products that can be used on their own or mixed and layered together. They are formulated to enhance styling and finishing performance. Each product provides hydration to hair, ensuring a long-lasting effect. The result is defined, bouncy hair without any product residue.


Dry Texturizer

WHAT IT IS: One of our best selling finishing products is the Dry Texturizer, and with good reason! This product aids in creating airy volume, tousled texture, and undone locks. It has a light and flexible hold that provides hydration to the hair, ensuring that your hair lasts but residue is never left behind.

HOW TO USE: Shake well. Apply to dry hair from approximately 10 inches away. Spray Dry Texturizer on both roots and lengths, lifting and gently releasing hair to ensure an even application.

PRO TIP: When applying finishing products all over, be sure to spray in an upwards motion from your ends and up, rather than spraying downward at the roots. This will ensure even more volume and less chance of your hair being weighed down.


invisible dry shampoo

WHAT IT IS: The Invisible Dry Shampoo gently cleanses the hair minus the wash day – it replaces excess oil and sebum with volume and texture, leaving the hair airy and never weighed down. The end result looks soft and natural, never crunchy or dry.

HOW TO USE: Shake product well. Split the hair in the center, and then on each side, to create 4 quarters. Starting from the back, divide the hair in sections of a couple of inches, applying the product with quick and horizontal motion, 6-10 inches from the head. Repeat for each section. For the front sections, apply the dry shampoo diagonally from the forehead to the ear. Let it sit, then massage in the product in the root area. For a sleeker, softer, and smoother look, brush through. For more texture and volume, do not brush.

PRO TIP: Apply your dry shampoo at night for maximum absorption! We love doing this as it really allows the product to sit and absorb all excess oils for an extended period of time, as opposed to applying it right before styling.

OI is a product range dedicated to absolute beauty for all types of hair and skin. Striving to create balance between sensorially, products with multiple benefits and effectiveness, the assortment has immediate cosmetic effect from first use, respecting both mankind and the environment.


oi all in one milk

WHAT IT IS: This leave-in conditioner is an essential product for all hair types— we couldn’t recommend it more! Not only does it deeply hydrate the hair and enhance shine, but it also softens, detangles, fights and prevents frizz, and even protects the hair from heat!

HOW TO USE: Spray onto towel-dried roots and ends 10-15 times, do not rinse. Continue with styling. Depending on the type of hair, increase or decrease the number of spritzes.

PRO TIP: When applying a product that provides moisture and hydration to the hair, be sure to lock in the benefits with an oil. The oil acts as a protective layer and will ensure that the hydration stays locked in the hair. We recommend Oi Oil, which also happens to be one of our Davines best sellers— let’s talk about it!


davines oi oil

WHAT IT IS: Add shine and softness back into your hair while simultaneously detangling and fighting off frizz with Oi Oil. This oil works especially well on dry and coarse hair, but protects all hair types and will never weigh the hair down.

HOW TO USE: For a frizz-free, protective effect apply OI Oil to damp hair, distributing about 2- 3 pumps of the product (1 for fine hair) uniformly along the hair and on the tips. For a final touch of shine and softness, apply OI Oil to dry hair, distributing the product along the hair and onto the tips to define the style.

PRO TIP: We love applying Oi Oil from our mids-to-ends before we blow dry as it aids in accelerating overall blow dry.

Naturaltech is a range of products and treatments specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions, helping them regain the balance to restore their natural healthy state. The formulas have been created in synergy with the ritual of massage.


energizing shampoo

WHAT IT IS: This Davines best seller is a shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and gives it a sensation of energy, vigor and wellbeing to the scalp. It balances and moisturizes the hair, helping to stimulate new hair growth while reinforcing weak hair to prevent future breakage. It’s a best sellers because you will see results after just a few uses – especially those for struggle with a lot of hair loss when washing.

HOW TO USE: Gently massage into damp hair and allow it to process for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly, and follow with Energizing treatments.

PRO TIP: We love to pair this shampoo with the Replumping Conditioner. The two of these together make a great wash routine as the shampoo stimulates and protects growth, and the conditioner helps to add elasticity back into the hair to prevent breakage.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our Davines best sellers and our favorite ways to use them for best results!

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