Caring for Different Hair Types: Customized Hair Care with 7 Davines Products

customized hair care

When it comes to hair care, there is no one-size-fits-all approach! Everyone’s hair type is unique and requires customized hair care solutions. As a hair salon dedicated to providing top-notch care, we understand the importance of tailoring products to address specific hair concerns. In this blog, we’ll explore the diverse range of Davines products and their perfect pairings with different hair types, offering you customized hair care solutions for all your hair needs!

Keep reading to find yourself the perfect customized hair care routine!


Embracing Natural Curls?

Try Davines’ Love Curl Collection!

For those blessed with luscious curls, the Davines Love Curl Collection is a dream come true. This line is specially formulated to enhance and define curls while taming frizz. The Love Curl Shampoo gently cleanses, while the Love Curl Conditioner nourishes and detangles without weighing down your curls. For added moisture and bounce, try the Love Curl Cream. The result? Beautiful, bouncy curls that stand out in all their natural glory.

Restoring Strength to Damaged Hair?

Try Davines’ Nounou Line!

Years of styling, chemical treatments, and exposure to environmental factors can leave hair damaged and brittle. Davines’ Nounou line comes to the rescue! Infused with powerful ingredients, the Nounou Shampoo and Nounou Conditioner work together to repair and strengthen damaged hair. For intensive treatment, the Nounou Hair Mask delivers deep hydration and restoration, transforming dry and damaged hair into silky smooth strands.

Wanting to Amplify Fine Hair?

Try Davines’ Volu Collection!

If you struggle with fine, limp hair, Davines’ Volu Collection is here to breathe life into your locks. The Volu Shampoo provides a gentle cleanse while adding volume and body. Paired with the Volu Hair Mist, this duo creates fuller-looking hair that lasts all day. Say goodbye to flat hair and hello to voluminous tresses with Davines’ Volu Collection.

Nourishing Dry Hair?

Try Davines’ Momo Line!

For those with dry and dehydrated hair, the Davines Momo Line is a savior. Formulated with moisture-rich ingredients, the Momo Shampoo and Momo Conditioner restore the hair’s natural hydration and leave it feeling soft and rejuvenated. To keep dryness at bay throughout the day, the Momo Hair Potion acts as a hydrating styling cream that provides protection against external stressors.

Balancing Oily Scalp?

Try Davines’ Solu Shampoo!

Oily scalp and greasy roots getting you down? Enter Davines’ Solu Shampoo! This clarifying shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp, removing excess oil and buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils. The result is a refreshed scalp and balanced hair that feels light and revitalized.

Defending Color-Treated Hair?

Try Davines’ Minu Line!

For those with vibrant color-treated hair, maintaining that stunning hue is essential. Davines’ Minu line is specifically designed for colored hair, ensuring longer-lasting, radiant color. The Minu Shampoo and Minu Conditioner are enriched with protective antioxidants to prevent fading and enhance shine. Your color-treated hair will look more vibrant than ever before!

Needing to Soothe a Sensitive Scalp?

Try Davines’ Calming Superactive!

If you have a sensitive scalp prone to irritation, the Davines Calming Superactive treatment comes to the rescue. Formulated with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, this product provides relief from itchiness and redness, promoting a healthier scalp environment.

Side note: Dealing with a sore scalp is no fun. Finding the cause of an irritated scalp can be tricky – we recommend this article to help you find the root of the cause!


Customized hair care is the key to unlocking the full potential of your hair, and Davines understands this like no other. With their diverse range of products catering to different hair types and concerns, achieving your dream hair is now easier than ever! Step into our salon, and let our professional stylists guide you in selecting the perfect Davines products to transform your hair into its healthiest, most beautiful self, or shop away at! Say hello to a customized hair care routine that will leave you feeling confident and ready to embrace your natural beauty every day!