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Dissecting the Top New York Fashion Week Trends and What That Means for Hair 2023

New York fashion week

New York Fashion Week just happened and this means we get an onslaught of articles telling us what the new trends are. I have always found it overwhelming to navigate through just because of how many shows are involved in the event. I thought it would be interesting to take Vogue’s article “The 5 Biggest […]

Buy Davines Products You Love at The Colour Bar in 2023. Here’s Why!

buy Davines

The Colour Bar is a small business located in Midtown Sacramento. When you buy Davines products through The Colour Bar, you are shopping small and locally. It directly impacts families within the Sacramento area and helps to grow the local economy. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, salons were one of the many business […]

Your Extra Curly Hair Essentials Care Guide with Our Curl Specialist Cameron Lane Lugo Part 1

Embracing your curls is truly a lifestyle choice, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult either. Cameron Lane Lugo is the curl specialist at The Colour Bar. He works with a wide range of curls behind the chair, including extra curly hair. I sat down with Cameron to learn exactly what he recommends […]

Invisible Bead Extensions: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions is my preferred hair extension method; both as a stylist and client. As a stylist, I have not received as much education and support from any other extensions method. With other methods, I would take an 8 hour class and then be sent on my way. Leaving class I would feel confident, […]

8 Exciting New Hair Lightening Services at The Colour Bar

lightening session

The Colour Bar service menu is getting a make over in 2022! We understand knowing what kind of appointment to book can be confusing. Here is a full breakdown of what you can expect from all of our new hair lightening services. What is Hair Lightening? Is it More Than Just Highlights? Most of the […]