The Colour Bar celebrates PRIDE 2019 by becoming more inclusive!

The Colour Bar has marketed itself as an all inclusive salon for the ten years that it has been in business. We celebrate equality day in and day out, and have our door open to every client, every time. But, this past year we came to the realization that as much as we preach this we have not been fully committed to our word. Upon editing our service menu, we realized that we were offering “Men’s Haircuts,” and “Women’s Haircuts.” Although this seems to be a societal norm, we decided that having gender labeled haircuts is not how we wanted to continue running our business.

We understand that it is extremely important to run a gender-neutral business in order to continue marketing ourselves as an all inclusive salon. That being said, we are making the switch and providing haircuts for short, medium, and long hair rather than “men’s and women’s.” We believe that it is another big step that the beauty industry can take as a whole to become more inclusive.

We want to thank the The Sacramento LGBT Community Center for collaborating on this video with us and by sharing the importance of businesses becoming more inclusive. Creating inclusive workplaces, schools, and public accommodations is critical in order to build a region where LGBTQ+ people can thrive.