Pro’s and Con’s of Partial Highlights


partial highlights

A partial highlight is a service that applies highlights to only part of your head. Highlights are typically placed on the mohawk section of your head. Although, the placement varies from client to client based on the look they are going for. 

Partial highlights deliver a natural outcome, almost mimicking the way the sun would naturally lighten the hair.  But, keep in mind that a partial highlight service can also be a very bold service if there are only a few pieces that are being highlighted in a designated spot in a heavy manner.

Partial Highlighting Pro’s: 

  • Less potential damage because it bleaches fewer strands of hair.
  • They are more affordable than getting full highlights done.
  • They can be placed where you want to make it look like the sun naturally lightens the front sections of your hair.

Partial Highlighting Con’s: : 

  • You cannot see most of the color when you wear your hair up.
  • You cannot go “full blonde” or change color dramatically with only partial highlights.