Keep your gorgeous color looking fresh for longer! Besides pre-booking those follow up appointments every four to eight weeks, here are some pro tips to maintaining fresh looking color at home with Davines hair products! 


Using gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is key to maintaining gorgeous color! MINU, Davines’ colour illuminating Essentials family, is your salon color’s best friend. This family is made with caper blossom to illuminate, protect and extend the life of your color. Ask your Davines stylist about the MINU Post-Colour Treatment at your next appointment as a great first step!

Minu Essentials


From Silver to Chocolate to Red and beyond, Davines makes at home color maintenance simple with their line of pigmented shampoos and conditioners, Alchemic, perfect for those times in-between visits to the salon. These products are especially useful for Copper or Red-heads looking to keep that vibrancy through the next touch up. Is your blonde looking dull or losing its ashy tone too quickly before your next appointment? Try Golden, Silver, or a combination of the two for a sandy beige. Mix and match to create your own unique formula! Use the Alchemic family once a week or as needed and watch your color come sparkling back to life!

Don’t forget to turn down that water temperature! Using cooler water to wash your hair is not only good for the environment, but great for your color. Cold water helps close down your hair cuticle- keeping the color locked in and your hair smooth and shiny!

Just like skin, it is critical to keep hair moisturized. Leave-in products and masks are a great way to inhibit fadage because they help minimize dryness and keep the cuticle smooth, preventing color loss. MINU Hair Serum hydrates and protects cosmetically treated hair The Spotlight Circle Mask leaves locks with out of this world softness and shine!

Avoid heat as much as possible, but if you must, remember to always prep with a thermal protectant, and never turn up your hot tools past 350 degrees. MELU Hair Shield is made with lentil seed extract to provide a barrier between your strands and those styling tools. Unprotected heat styling + color treated hair = color fadage!

We know the importance of sunscreen for our skin, but what about sunscreen for your hair? Spray SU Hair Milk before a day outdoors or a dip in the pool to prevent color fadage from the sun’s rays. Stop by either one of The Colour Bar locations or shop in our online store to get your color maintenance essentials! 


Thus post was brought to you by our assistant, Isabelle!