Beautiful, healthy hair starts with the basics- shampoo and conditioner. These two products can make or break your hair routine so finding the perfect match for you is extremely important! Davines makes it easy to find “the one” with their extensive range of products specially formulated for various hair types and concerns. So, what shampoo and conditioner is best for you? Continue reading to meet your match!



Formulated with Roucou Oil to deeply hydrate and nourish all hair types while protecting from UV damage. Plus, the scent is to die for! 

VOLU Shampoo is great for those with finer hair seeking a little lift by producing visible volume. Pair with DEDE Conditioner for light nourishment without weighing hair down!

Lightweight DEDE Shampoo/Conditioner is perfect for the every-day washer. It cleanses hair while leaving it healthy, shiny, and balanced. 


For more excessive oil buildup on the hair and scalp, try SOLU Sea Salt Scrub! This scrub breaks down sebum and product buildup to reveal squeaky clean hair. 

Pair either with a light application of conditioner staying away from the scalp. 


NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo stimulates circulation using caffeine phytoceuticals and improves hair elasticity, preventing loss for breakage-prone and thinning hair. Pair with NaturalTech Replumping Conditioner with hyaluronic acid to improve elasticity and plump it up! 

MOMO (short for moisture) Shampoo/Conditioner is perfect for normal dry hair to hydrate and boost shine without weighing hair down. 



For chemically treated hair in need of more intense TLC, NaturalTech’s Nourishing line has got you covered with shampoo, conditioner, a hair-building pak, and leave in treatments. 



To enhance and control natural curly to wavy textures, the LOVE Curl line has got you covered. Besides shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask, the LOVE Curl Cleansing Creme is a unique two-in-one gently cleansing product specifically for curls to deliver volume, shine and manageability.

For more unruly, frizzy textures, the LOVE Smooth line will soften and smooth hair with the help of Minuta Olive extract. 

Find your perfect match? Shop online or stop by either of our locations to purchase!

This blog post was brought to you by our assistant, Isabelle!