Top 10 Best Binge-Worthy Netflix Series


Let’s face it, self isolation can easily become boring. That’s where Netflix comes in! Spice up your normal routine with these 10 newly released binge worthy series, sure to fill your time with excitement all from the comfort of your home! Pop a bowl of popcorn and pour a glass of your fav wine while tuning into these must see shows!

Here are our Top 10 Netflix Recommendations:

Trace the Root of Hair Care in Self Made: Inspired by The Life of Madam C.J. Walker

Director Kasi Lemmons brings life to the origin of American ethnic hair care in this autobiographical short series following impoverished laundress Sarah Breedlove through struggles, to her ultimate triumph in revolutionizing hair care as we know it! Actresses Octavia Spencer alongside Tiffany Haddish brilliantly portray resiliency as Sarah becomes later known as Madam C.J. Walker, as well as the first self made female African American millionaire in America. Feel inspired with this must see right out of history with this feminist series! 

Fulfil Your Guilty Pleasure and Find out if Love is Blind

Follow this romantic social experiment into potential love as a group of singles volunteer to get to know one and other without ever seeing the other person! As these men and women can only hear each other’s voices, they must rely on their heart to decide if it is love and if they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Only then can they finally see each other and are also confronted with the million dollar question: is love blind? Yes, I know this seems crazy, and yes, I’ve watched the whole season twice! Open a bottle of wine (or 2)  and tune into this addicting series you won’t be able to stop watching!

Take a Trip On My Block

Emerge into inner city Los Angeles through the eyes of five childhood friends whose bonds are tested by teenage fever as they navigate through their Freshman year of high school! As mystery and issues with local gangs surface over their group, each must decide where their loyalty lies. With a predominantly Latinx and African American cast, this series represents a refreshing sense of authenticity of growing up in a community of color. This representation as well as the comedic relief of actress Jessica Marie Garica (aka yo girl Jasmine) makes this three season series keep you wanting more!

Discover the Rise and Fall of the Famous Tiger King

This plot twisting docu series follows the real life events of big cat owner Joe Exotic also known as “Tiger King” as his once passion for tigers, evolves into his demise. Zoo owner, country singer, and political opponent are only a few of the many hats worn by Joe as his vivacious persona leads him to push boundaries for his own name and tigers’ sake. Decide for yourself how far is too far in the name of fighting for what you love!

Find Liberation of Freedom in Unorthodox

As Netflix’s first production spoke almost entirely in Yiddish, this series captures the essence of culture: the good and the bad. Based on the life and novel of Deborah Feldman Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hadisic Roots, this series focuses on the pivotal moments of nineteen year old Etsy. With the power of vivid costumes and dialect, we travel to a strict Hadisic community in New York where Esty conforms to an arranged marriage and life where religion dictates her limitations as a woman. In a brave attempt to assert her independence, Etsy escapes to Berlin in hopes of new beginnings, but will she ever escape her roots? 

Test What You Would Do For Love in Extreme Engagement

World videographer Tim Noonan alongside his fiance PJ Madam, embark on the adventure of a lifetime exploring marriage rituals from all over the world! With only their cameras in hand, they travel from the Nigerian desert to the rainforests of Brazil for a year, testing each other’s patience while also growing closer as ever before. On this one of a kind adventure, the couple discovers the raw beauty of diverse cultures in how they define love through ancient customs that are still practiced today! Will this experience lead them down the aisle or down separate paths

Sashay Away with AJ and The Queen

Created by and starring the mother of drag herself Ru Paul, this series explores the eccentric but ever so heartwarming bond between a rowdy ten year old and a vivacious drag queen!  Orphaned AJ stowaways on Ruby Red’s RV bringing the two together as they drive from city to city for shows and away from lingering threats. This innovative series is one of the first of its kind, representing both the drag and LGBTQ+ communities in a sincere light. Through the laughs and the tears, this dynamic duo embodies what it truly means to unapologetically live your best life!

Get Up and Glow

Set in the 80’s of Los Angeles, an all female group of outsiders join forces in creating their own wrestling troupe! Silencing all the voices that ever told them no, these women break the status quo on what being “ladylike” can be as they embody forceful personas in and out of the ring! Their strengths are tested when they risk losing the empire they built, will they be strong enough to save it? Don’t miss this female dominated cast body slamming and redefining what a woman is!

Explore Your Curiosity in The Goop Lab: With Gwyneth Paltrow

Join the ride with Gwyenth Palrow’s company Goop, as she takes her employees to places less traveled in search of self enlightenment! Together, they debunk and discover outlets that can improve one’s lifestyle through mind, body, and soul. Tune into this docu series and watch Goop identify the truth behind taboo topics like energy healing to female sexuality! Open your mind to these fascinating philosophies and even practice them at home!

Learn Something New with 100 Humans: Life’s Questions Answered

Watch as 100 people from diverse walks of life volunteer in various social experiments delving into human nature and what really makes us tick! This docu-series attempts to explain why we as human beings do what we do and clarifies what these patterns mean. Brace yourself to be left stunned with these staggering findings! Understand the world we live in better by catching this series and thinking about where you fall into the equation!


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