3 Ways to Attract Greatness in Solitude Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Keep keen sight of your 2020 visions by using qualities based on your zodiac sign to feel motivated everyday from home! Use this time wisely to manifest and grow closer to everything you want to achieve once you’re back to your normal routine!


Aries: The Ram  

March 21st- April 20th

It’s no surprise that a bold fire sign like you naturally exudes tons of ambition! You know what you want and have no problem devoting yourself to your goals until they are your reality. Your resilient independence explains why you only need you and yourself to get to the top!

  • Journal– Keep a journal handy to detail your hopes and goals for when you return to society! Don’t lose momentum of your dreams by keeping them in thought, write them down to stay focused and to reflect on, that way not one piece of ambition is forgotten!
  • Make PlansStart planning out the rest of your year, even if it’s starting small! Get in touch with your girls and make plans to try that hot new restaurant in town. Or, even to just catch up at your fav coffee spot once you can again! 
  • Create a Vision Board- Dust off those old magazines and put them to use in your own customized vision board! Cut out photos of everything (even words) that represent what you want to achieve in the rest of the year and glue them on a piece of paper or cardboard. Once complete, hang up your masterpiece where you will see it everyday, that way your goals can not be ignored!


Taurus: The Bull

 April 21st- May 20th

As an Earth sign, you easily find your center by doing what makes you happy! You own being practical and aren’t afraid to prioritize what’s realistic all in the name of what you want. The strong rational spirit inside of you keeps you driven and focused naturally!

  • Practice Yoga– Improve your flexibility and destress with some at home yoga! Use a YouTube tutorial and some living room space to find your zen sure to leave you feeling empowered everyday!
  • Master Your Cooking Skills Make that dish you never had the time to learn before now! Whether it’s a family recipe or your fav dish to order out, embrace your inner Gordon Ramsey by making a home cooked meal: good for your body and soul!
  • Deep Clean Your HomeIt needs to be done sometime right, so do it now! Spring clean by setting aside old clothes and things around the house that you know you don’t use anymore. Release positive energy and donate to those in need, it’s a win win!

Gemini: The Twins

May 21st- June 20th

Just like twins, you have two different personas you show the world! This is exactly why you are the master communicator! Like air, you too flow effortlessly with all energies and your caring spirit helps you connect to anyone who comes in your circle!

  • Support Others– Stay true to your kind heart by checking on your fam and friends! Reach out to your loved ones through a FaceTime call or even a text to show them your thinking of them. Strengthen your relationships and stay connected!
  • Dabble in Poetry– Brush up on your penmanship and bring your ideas to life! Take whatever’s on your mind, maybe a memory or a dream, and translate it into something creative to keep your communication skills sharp!
  • Learn a New Language– Be able to connect better with others by learning the basics of a new language! Utilize free apps and YouTube to learn basics like “please” and “thank you” to challenge yourself and converse with more people!

Cancer: The Crab

June 21st- July 21st

True to representing water, you Cancer queen are dependable in all that you are! Your loyalty to others and especially yourself, keeps your priorities in check at all times. Not to mention your creative side, that is always ready to learn something new!

  • Create Art– Tune into your natural creative side by painting or even sketching a drawing! Grab a few common supplies from around the house and remember anything is art!
  • Pick up Knitting or Sewing– Transform those boring pillows with some handmaid new cases or even a new quilt! Pick up a new skill and learn how to make your own creations.
  • Start a Virtual Book Club– Keep in touch with others who share similar interests! Find one of the many books available online and form a book club with others interested in the text. Meet on platforms like Zoom or Facetime to talk about each of your perceptions to practice thinking critically!

Leo: The Lion

July 22nd- August 22nd

Being a fierce fire sign, it’s in your nature to exude undeniable confidence in everything you set your mind to! You don’t hesitate in taking pride in your work because you know you give all your effort in what you put forward. Your high energy attitude keeps you always looking for an activity to keep you moving!

  • Do an At Home Workout– Put your best foot forward and workout at home! Burn your extra energy by following a workout routine that requires little or no equipment, or take a walk around your neighborhood. This’ll help keep you in shape and feeling rejuvenated!
  • Garden– Get your daily dose of Vitamin D by spending some time outside gardening! Plant vibrant flowers or fruit/veggies to practice sustainable living; either way you’ll feel proud knowing you did this yourself! 
  • Make DIY Spa treatments– Stay moving by creating your own at home spa treatments! Check out our previous post for easy to follow suggestions with common items lying around your house. This‘ll leave you feeling super refreshed and self sufficient!


Virgo: The Virgin

August 23rd- September 21st

You are no stranger to hard work especially if it’s detail oriented! As an Earth sign, you find your balance in all things practical. It’s no surprise that you have a talent for your organizational skills and enjoy keeping your routine filled with beneficial activities!

  • Organize Your Closet- Put your effortless coordination to use by organizing your closet! Set aside anything you haven’t worn in the last six months to make room for the rest of your go to garments. You’ll be left with more closet space and can donate your old belongings to those in need!
  • Put a Puzzle Together– Whip out a complex puzzle sure to test your eye for details! Brew a cup of coffee and play your fav playlist then you’ll be set to form the bigger picture.
  • Practice Your Hairstyling– Plug in your curling iron and don’t forget to mist your locks in the coveted Melu Hair Shield for protection! Watch our IG tutorial videos for inspiration to perfect your technique and show off your skills once this quarantine is over!

Libra: The Scales

September 22nd- October 21st

 Just like your symbol of scales, you find ultimate value from all things harmony and balance! Maybe it’s the air sign in you or the natural positive energy you radiate that explains why you are the prime listener. You adore hearing what others have to say and are always eager to apply that new knowledge to your own self!

  • Watch an Intriguing Series– Open your mind up to new stories you never knew existed through TV! Refer to our previous post for the newest Netflix must see series out now that will leave you no choice but to think outside of the box!
  • Tune into a Podcast Catch that never ending novel you’ve been wanting to read or that riveting true story that caught your attention! Turn on a podcast to keep you listening and entertained!
  • Read, Read, & Read– Reread your all time fav book or even an online magazine, whatever excites you more! Keep your comprehension skills sharp and your mind busy with a page turner you can’t put down!

Scorpio: The Scorpion

October 22nd- November 21st

Your powerful ability to find strength in the inner depths of emotion keep you independent and full of passion! Usually mistaken for a bold fire sign, you’re actually the epitome of the water sign as your awareness of emotions in yourself as well as others, keeps you motivated!

  • Try Meditation– Get in tune with your most inner feelings with the art of meditation! Clear your mind and calm your emotions with this helpful skill you can practice daily.
  • Listen to a New AlbumWith all the new music that’s been released this year, I’m sure you haven’t heard everything yet! Unwind to a new album and connect emotionally to a new artist you may have never heard otherwise.
  • DanceWork up a sweat and have fun while you’re doing it! Follow a Zumba video on YouTube or just let your body move to your fav jam, either way you’ll enjoy yourself and clear your thoughts!


Sagittarius: The Archer

November 22nd- December 21st

Sag sister, you are fearless in every adventure you embark on regardless of what anyone thinks! You love the thrill of trying something new, especially if there’s some risk involved. The strong will and creativity inside of you keep you full of ideas on what to try next!

  • Go on a Walk– Take a stroll around your neighborhood and get to know your area better than ever! Soak up the sunshine and change your usual scenery by venturing around your home.
  • Take a Hike– Head up to a nearby hiking trail and enjoy a day outside! Get in tune with nature and remember the six feet rule.
  • Play Video Games– If you can’t fully explore physically, do it virtually with a video game! Master a new game and get a taste of adventure.


Capricorn: The Sea- Goat

December 22nd- January 20th 

Hard work and unstoppable drive define you perfectly, as you thrive on working for what you want until it’s yours! The Earth sign in you keeps you grounded while you take full reign over your destiny with ease. Unapologetic determination makes you a force to be reckoned with!

  • Plan the Rest of Your Year– Rather than worrying about specific dates, instead focus on what you want to accomplish once the time comes! Envision your goals and map out what you need to do to reach them. This will keep your ambitions on track until you can run with them!
  • Form Your Future– Don’t let your future take a backseat, take advantage of extra free time by making your future closer to reality! Apply for your dream job or sharpen your skills if you already have it with practice.
  • Plan Your Next Vacay– Research your ideal vacation so when the time comes, you’ll have a clear idea of details, pricing, and sight- seeing spots! A planner like you is used to being ahead of the game, so organize your next getaway now!

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

January 21st- February 19th 

Even though “aqua” is in your sign, you’re actually a mirror of air! This shows why you embody tons of potential in being imaginative, not to mention a free spirit. Your eccentric way of looking at life on top of your innovative eye, is why you never fail at looking at the bright side in any situation!

  • Craft– Check out some simple DIY craft ideas on YouTube to transform dull household items to so much more! This’ll be an ideal outlet for you to put your own twist on any craft!
  • Start a Home Improvement Project– Take initiative by starting that home project you’ve been ignoring! Whether it’s rearranging your living room or building new shelves, you know there’s something you want to glam up about your living space. 
  • Bake a Dessert– Utilize your knack for innovation and make some sweet treats! Take your time in baking a yummy dessert and relax enjoying it after!

Pisces: The Fish

February 20th – March 20th

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is key in showing your sensitive side, but the true depth in you lies in your artistic abilities! You find meaning out of what you create, which is also a key way you channel your emotions. You achieve greatness through your genius sense of expression, helping you communicate with the world around you!

  • Play Photographer– Take your creative side to the next level by using your phone or camera, to photograph around your house! Embrace a beautiful sunset outside or a view you enjoy from your home.
  • Design Your Nails– Redefine boring nails with a fun pop of design! Try artwork, like polka dots, to keep your creative juices flowing and your nails looking A1!
  • Tye- Dye– Revamp a boring tee sitting in your closet with a colorful pattern! Gather your fav colors to customize a shirt for a friend or yourself!

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