Top 10 Best Rom-Coms on Hulu


Did someone say sleepover? Settle in for a cozy night with these comical movies sure to bring you and your best gal pals together, even during quarantine! Have your very own self-isolated sleepover from home complete with a Rom Com below and you can’t forget the essential snacks and of course, wine! So, apply a face mask and start a fun group-chat with your girls while you all tune into a movie together, sure to keep everyone laughing and connected!

Hulu Picks:

Bridesmaids– Comedian legends Kristen Wig alongside Maya Rudolph pair up to keep you laughing on this crazy adventure to the aisle! Brace yourself to laugh until it hurts as down and out Annie struggles to keep her sanity when she discovers her best friend is engaged. Without question, she jumps to the role of her maid and honor, unaware she’ll compete with the bride’s next best friend in line, to rule making her once in a lifetime wedding ritual’s perfect. Does she have what it takes to keep her life and friendship together? 13 Going on 30– Awaken your inner child with this magical classic! As Jenna dreams of becoming popular on her 13th birthday, she is crushed when her party isn’t a hit. Feeling desperate for acceptance and tired of being a teen, she wishes she was 30. Suddenly, her fantasy quickly becomes her reality as she’s transformed to her ideal life as a successful 30 year old! With working her dream job and having everything she thought she wanted, Jenna quickly learns that adulthood is harder than it seems; but, is it too late to return to her normal life?
How to Be Single– Recent college grad and newly single Alice takes the plunge by moving to New York City in hopes of starting a new chapter! Her new vivacious coworker, Rebel Wilson, takes her under her wing showing her how to live her best life as a single young woman in the city of dreams. The two tear up the town all in the name of fun and unapologetically live to the fullest, all until real feelings begin to make them question if they really are better off single.

John Tucker Must Die– It’s no surprise the most popular guy in high school has a girlfriend; but, this one has 4! John Tucker knows he’s the hottest at school, and uses this to his advantage as he plays 4 different unsuspecting girls at the same time. It doesn’t take long until women’s intuition overpowers John’s appeal, leading the girls to band together for revenge! As they plot his demise, he’ll wish the only thing he played was basketball!

She’s the Man- Amanda Bynes steals the show in this modern Shakespeare adaptation of Twelfth Night, starring as both her twin brother and herself! When her school’s girl soccer team is cut, she poses as her twin brother at his new boarding school in order to keep playing. There, she discovers her brother’s attractive roommate, Channing Tatum, forcing her to balance her feelings along with her act of being a man. No problem right? While juggling both roles, she falls into a love triangle only she can get herself out of!

Bad Moms– Motherhood is full of fulfillment, love, and happiness; but, what happens when stress, spoiled kids, and a full work schedule turn a mom’s world upside down? Three moms tired of always trying to be the “perfect mother” find out! These ladies let loose by trading their monantenus domestic duties for fun, because life’s too short! Together, actresses like Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell show us no one parties harder than a mom!

The Hot Chick– Jessica is head cheerleader and in love with her perfect boyfriend and life, that is, until she magically switches bodies with a low life crook! A cursed pair of ancient earrings paired with fate are all it takes for this recipe for disaster. As being forced to live in this horrendous body isn’t enough of a challenge, Jessica must also find the key in returning back to normal before it’s too late!

50 First Dates– Get your tissues ready for this heartwarming tale in the midst of the undeniable magic Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore share on screen! Womanizing Henry thought he knew all about women, until he meets short-term memory loss stricken Lucy. It doesn’t take long until he is head over heels for her, and dedicates everyday to romanticizing her since she can’t remember what happened the day before. Be prepared to laugh and cry as this unconventional couple put their undeniable bond to the test, will love be enough?

Friends with Kids– Two 30 something best friends realize time is ticking as neither of them can seem to get past a second date. Their friends all begin starting families of their own making them question what direction their own lives are heading toward. With the desire to have kids lying in the back of their minds, the two decide to take the plunge and have a baby together! This proves to be easier said than done as their friendship evolves to new heights when they take on the roles of mom and dad.

Maid in Manhattan– Single mom and 5 star hotel maid Marisa, finds her ordinary life turned upside down when she meets a charming Congressman who mistakes her for a hotel guest. As she falls for him, she also falls deeper into the lie that brought them together. Will her true self be enough to keep the relationship or will it break them apart? Catch Jennifer Lopez in this classic must see! 

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