The Signs as Davines Products


It’s easy to feel confused about what hair products are right for you. With countless brands and merchandise available, a gal needs some sense of direction right? So fear no more, because the Davines line has a product for everyone’s unique hair!

All in the name of sustainable beauty, Davines sets its products aside from any other brand as fresh fruits and vegetables serve as key ingredients in these natural hair recipes. With this environmentally friendly line, what’s not to adore? Nourish and love your hair to the fullest with our Davines breakdown of your go-to hair product according to your zodiac sign! Read and learn more about how this revolutionary line can revamp any hair making everyday a good hair day below!



March 21st-April 20th

This is A Medium Hairspray– It’s no question a bold fire sign like you is always full of confidence, so complete every daring style with this hairspray to make the ultimate statement! Compliment each and every bold hairstyle of your dreams with this structure providing hold hairspray. With this long lasting hairspray, you’ll be able to totally transform your styles by eliminating frizz (yes, even in moisture) with no residue. Just spray to finish any style with this lightweight hairspray, airy enough to work with and can even be brushed out!


April 21st-May 20th

Nourishing Keratin Sealer– Your practical soul ensures your motivation for practicing all things beneficial, especially when it comes to the health of your hair! Turn up the brightness and say hello to soft hair with this leave in fluid. Let this sealer nourish and protect your hair while preventing split ends from forming, what could be better? This Keratin protein is waiting to work its hydrating magic by strengthening your hair fibers keeping it healthy inside and out!


May 21st-June 20th

Liquid Spell–  True to your symbol of twins, there’s a dual persona inside of you that only this all in one can satisfy! Soak up unbelievable body and vitality all in this life changing leave in treatment. Spritz on your hair before drying to prevent heat damage and you’ll be left with stunning shine ready to complete any look. But wait, there’s more! This one stop shop is also the perfect key to adding extra body and leaving your hair feeling soft and silky!


June 21st-July 21st

Replumping Hair Filler Superactive– An intuitive water sign like you is always open for trying new things, just like major volume! Prepare yourself for luscious fullness when you use this replenishing leave in treatment. Replump the structure of your hair leaving it appearing thicker and packed with fabulous body. It’s truly the perfect product for maximized volume and will even boost your style to last longer than ever!


July 22nd-August 2nd

Energizing Shampoo– As a fierce fire sign, you naturally radiate the utmost energy and it’s time your hair does too! Feel revitalized all the way from your scalp to your ends when you wash with this stimulating shampoo.  This shampoo works incredibly for fragile hair as a lifesaver to reduce falling out. Allow it to gently cleanse while awakening your senses, as it balances your scalp and moisturizes your hair all at the same time!


August 23rd-September 21st

Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner– Sense and reason make your world go round, and so will this multi beneficial conditioner! Hydrate and repair with this one of a kind nourishing product! With Miracle in the name, this product is positively guaranteed to repair the most brittle hair to soft easy to comb locks effortlessly. As it reinforces your hair structure,  it also intensely moisturizes leaving taming any hair type, a breeze!


September 22nd-October 21st

Oi Oil–  Just like your symbol of scales, you find true value from balance which is just what this oil has in store for your hair! Sit back and relax while this oil does all the work for you! This multi-purpose oil instantly detangles and reduces frizz leaving your hair feeling super soft and oh so shiny. This lightweight solution can be applied before blow drying or even after styling; but, once you smell its invigorating aroma, you’ll find any and every excuse to apply!


October 22nd-November21st

The Quick Fix Circle– Tune into your most inner emotions when you relax while this mask does all the work!Take your hair to the next level with this 3 minute hydrating mask. In just 3 short minutes, your hair will be left full of long lasting moisture and feel incredibly sleek to the touch. Give your hair the extra TLC it deserves with this Quick Fix, perfect for deep conditioning all hair types!


November 22nd-December21st

Melu Hair Shield– As a fearless risk taker you love trying new styles, so protect your hair from heat and you’ll have nothing holding you back! Protect your precious hair from hot tools with this revolutionary heat shield. Just spritz on before applying heat to defend your natural hair structure, then feel free to style as you please. The antistatic and shine features are sure to take any style to the next level, all while keeping your hair healthy and strong!


December 22nd-January 20th

Hair Refresher– As a determined goal-getter, you may find yourself rushing to get ready;but, those days are long over! Looking for the perfect on the go dry shampoo? The search is over with this lightweight cleansing spray! Refresh unwashed hair in seconds without using any water, just spray then work through to say hello to rejuvenated volume. Let its instant airy body benefits revive your hair on even your busiest days!


January 21st-February 29th

Oil Non Oil– Whether it’s the air sign in you or the free-spirited heart, one thing that’s for sure is your imaginative side, especially when styling! Smooth out any look,free of greasy residue, thanks to this remarkably light oil! Define your hair texture while adding structure with this INSTYLE Winner Best Beauty Buys. Transform your frizz nightmares to silky dreams making every style a work of art!


February 20th-March 20th

Volu Hair Mist– Since your artistic abilities are a force to be reckoned with, all you need is extra volume to take any look over the top! Refine your definition of volume once this leave-on primer creates unbelievable luscious body before your very eyes. Volumize any style with ease without weighing your hair down, as it supports from the base. This mists’ finishing shine is sure to keep your non-stiff style a real head turner!


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