Your Guide to the Perfect Circle Chronicles Hair Mask


It’s no question we’re missing having you in our chairs and loving your hair in our salon; but in the meantime while we’re away, you can still bring the salon to you! Love your hair from the comfort of your home and treat yourself with a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair feeling nothing but ahh-mazing rejuvenation! 

The 7 Davines Circle Chronicles Hair Masks are here to satisfy all your hair needs by providing quick results and exceptional hydration all around! Each mask is filled with natural nourishment ready to restore life into your hair with just one use. With 3+ uses in just one package, you’ll be able to refresh your hair whenever you feel like it all from home! Follow our guide below to discover which is a perfect fit for your hair!

The Renaissance Circle

Damaged hair and the everyday use of hot tools sound a little all too familiar? Relax, The Renaissance Circle is here to save the day! This repairing mask focuses on reviving even the most damaged hair leaving it feeling nourished and full of undeniable shine. This mask’s powerful conditioning power will leave your hair instantly appearing healthier and softer to the touch, what could be better?

The Spotlight Circle

Feeling dragged down by dull or lifeless hair? Make that a feeling of the past when you try this hair mask made to radiate nothing but the shiniest glimmer onto your hair! The Spotlight Circle is here to enhance colour while also boosting amazing luster, all without weighing your hair down. Get ready to turn heads when your hair sparkles more than ever with this unbelievable hair mask!

The Wake Up Circle

Searching for a way to revive stressed out hair? Fear no more, The Wake Up Circle is here to re energize your hair while adding stunning volume all at the same time! Unwind to instantly feel overcome with calmness when this mask nourishes your scalp and hydrates your hair to the core. You’ll be left feeling astonishingly nourished, guaranteed to make you and your hair happy!

The Quick Fix Circle

On the hunt for quick and easy rejuvenation? The Quick Fix Circle is here to change your life in only 3 short minutes! Prepare to be blown away by extreme hydration and intense deep conditioning with this one of a kind hair mask. In only 3 minutes, this mask has the power to effortlessly transform any hair type to feel incredibly soft and oh so shiny! 

The Let it Go Circle

Ready to say goodbye to stress and hello to serene relaxation? The Let it Go Circle is here ready to comfort your hair giving you just the break you need! Anti-stress and rebalancing power in this hair mask will be sure to make your hair feel at ease, while a relaxing scent adds extra comfort to really let you let it go. Let this hair mask do all the work for you to leave your hair feeling remarkably hydrated and revitalized!

The Restless Circle

If you’re a gal always on the go, the perfect hair mask just for you is right here! The Restless Circle fully targets protecting hair from mechanical breakage caused by everyday hair accessories such as elastics and clips, to provide the utmost elasticity. This hydrating mask can even be applied during your most active activities and will be sure to leave your hair feeling refreshed like never before!

The Purity Circle

Surrounded by heavy pollution or dust? Look no further, The Purity Circle is here to detoxify from your ends all the way down to your scalp! This mask is filled with anti-oxidant and deep conditioning strength ready to clarify even the most stressed hair. Say goodbye to environment induced impurities and hello to incredible hydration with this mask!


This post was brought to you by our East Sacramento receptionist, Ally!