Top 5 Healthy Hair Benefits From Applying Less Heat


Without the need to style everyday, the demand for applying heat has been essentially nonexistent and full of benefits! Since we’re keeping distance from social interactions, most of us are also simultaneously giving our hair the perfect break from our typical styling regimens! This breakaway from heat is the perfect opportunity to love our hair best by allowing it the chance to detox and become healthier than ever. By giving our locks the space to prosper freely, we also pave the way for them to nourish beyond belief! Together, our aspiring stylist and assistant Isabelle and I have compiled the top 5 essential benefits your hair achieves when it beats the heat!


1) Embrace Natural Texture-By giving your hair freedom to breathe without heat, you’re also giving it the time to reform to its genuine state! Isabelle broke this theory down by pointing out “When you take a break from heat, you give your hair a chance to be its natural texture and can better learn how to work with it, not against it”. Effortlessly embrace your natural wave or curl by trying Davines’s Texturizing Serum for enhancing the natural texture in your hair while air drying or styling. She also recommends Hair Refresher as another great product ready to give your natural hair a boost of volume and added texture!

2) Less Breakage and Shedding-Instantly see less breakage when you give your hair the chance to thrive naturally! The days of excess shedding will be far behind you as you trade in heat for more and fuller hair. According to Isabelle, “Without the constant use of hot tools, hair will experience less heat damage and heat-induced breakage and brittleness”. This means by applying less heat, your locks will be more likely to stay intact growing healthier everyday!

3) Maximum Luster and Shine-Say goodbye to dull hair and hello to maximum shine! Let your hair’s inner sparkle gleam bright for the world to see as applying less heat allows its natural luster to become undeniable. By laying off excess heat Isabelle explained, “this will also translate into shinier looking, healthier hair that will become more manageable”. Try brushing with a boar bristle brush to unlock even more shine as it helps circulate your hairs natural oils all over. This gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this all natural way to achieve the hair shimmer of your dreams!

4) Softer Texture-Fulfill your ultimate texture by feeling your hair become softer to the touch than ever before! Rough or dry strands can be extremely common, especially when high amounts of heat continue drying out hair; but don’t fear, there is a solution! Just by using less heat and styling tools, you’ll be sure to notice your mane transforming softer and silkier over time. If you’re looking for even more elasticity, try the Davines Circle Chronicles Hair Mask:The Quick Fix Circle! In only three minutes, incredible hydration will leave your hair softer than you ever thought possible. Who knew silky luscious locks were so easy to reach?

5) Color Lasts Longer-Lock in your color for long lasting hue and intensity! While too much heat can cause hair color to fade at quicker rates, using little to less, will ensure durable and vibrant pigmentation. Conveniently save time and money between color sessions when you ditch high heat. Let your color show you just how long it’s capable of lasting when you apply less heat!  

This post was brought to you from our midtown receptionists, Ally and Isabelle!