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The time has come to indulge in total hair and body restoration with the Oi Line by Davines! Consisting of seven products all composed of decadent Roucou oil, this line clearly sets itself aside and on top from other competitors on the market. This multi-beneficial key ingredient found in each product stays true to sustainable beauty, as it’s derived from the seeds of a unique fruit called achiote. This Roucou oil is jam packed with all natural hair superpowers here and ready to protect your hair from the everyday stressors of heat, frizz, and even sun exposure! With these special agents, you’ll never have to worry about your hair or skin feeling weighed down or undernourished again.

Check out our product breakdown below to see which products are right for you and your hair and body needs! 

Oi Shampoo & Conditioner

Key Benefits: Gently cleanse and deeply nourish with the luxurious winners of Refinery29’s 2015 first annual Beauty Innovator Award! Formulated with Roucou oil to compliment all hair types, this pair provides instant cosmetic effects of shine and exceptional full-bodied volume. As this shampoo works to delicately cleanse and detangle, this rich in moisture conditioner follows to hydrate and even accelerate drying time. Hair will be left captivated with an alluring aroma that could only be Oi! 

How to Use: Apply a dime sized amount of Oi shampoo onto the scalp and massage thoroughly. Rinse and follow with two fingers worth of Oi conditioner targeting length and tips. Let the conditioner rest on the hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing for utmost softness. For best results, follow with Oi Oil or Oi All in One Milk to lock in all moisture!

Real Reviews:

“Ever since I switched I have been getting so many compliments on how healthy, shiny, and amazing my hair looks and I don’t even need to blow dry it anymore.”

“I’ve been using the oi shampoo and conditioner for about a month, and my hair has never felt so soft.”

 “I used the OI conditioner, as well as the shampoo and my hair is not only softer than it’s been in years, but I need absolutely no product post conditioner. My hair is fine and tends to frizz, especially if I don’t blow dry and/or straighten- not anymore! This stuff is a game changer!”

Oi All in One Milk

Key Benefits: If you’re looking for maximum hair assistance from one product, Oi All in One Milk is perfect for you! This lightweight leave-in spray guarantees ultimate hydration and shine for all hair types. Bursting with antioxidants, Oi All in One Milk works as a heat protectant against hot tools, a detangling agent making combing a breeze, and a frizz-tamer all at the same time!

How to Use: Just spritz about 10-15 sprays onto washed towel dried hair mainly focusing on roots and ends. Leave in and style like normal.

Real Reviews:

“I only need a few pumps on my fine hair and it makes it so shiny and soft, helps with flyaways.”

“This all-in-one definitely delivers. It is better than any of the top-rated ones on the market right now. Not greasy or sticky, makes hair so soft and tamed and smooth!” 

“I have coarse, dry, curly hair – no more! All of my problems were solved. Does not require heat. Just apply to wet hair, and go!”


Oi Oil

Key Benefits: Say hello to incredible multi-benefits with our best selling leave in oil! Formulated to enhance shine, reduce frizz, shorten dry time, detangle with ease, and define any style without ever weighing hair down what’s not to adore? Use before and or after styling for all day fragrance and locked in hydration!

How to Use: Before styling, apply about 2-3 pumps of oil to damp hair to reduce frizz and drying time. After styling, apply 2-3 pumps of oil to length and ends to define shine for a finished look.

Real Reviews:

“I have been using the OI Oil for several years and I always make sure that I reorder it as soon as my bottle is a little low. This product is a must have for my thirsty curls. After using it, my curly hair looks shiny without feeling greasy. This is a staple product in my hair routine and I will continue using it for years to come! :)”

 “My hair thanks me every day!!! My hair is so soft and shiny plus it’s so easy to comb through and I literally have NO frizz. Thank you for making my hair manageable and beautiful.”

“I’ve been using this oil for several years now. My hair is thin and tangly, and I literally cannot brush my hair without this oil, but just one pump of this oil spread on my ends fixes everything. I carry it around in a small sample bottle wherever I go! Thank you Davines!”

Oi Butter

Key Benefits: Unlock extreme nourishment with this creamy treatment used to transform any hair type and increase overall hair health! Infused with natural antioxidants and vitamins, this product is just what any hair needs to restore revitalization. With this butter, your hair will also be able to fight stubborn frizz while feeling the immediate cosmetic effects of illuminating brightness and luscious volume.

How to Use: First, work product on the palm of your hand. For medium to fine hair, apply to dry hair and let sit for about 10 minutes. Follow with a rinse then shampoo. For medium to coarse hair, apply to damp hair and let sit for about 5-10 minutes, then follow with a rinse. To use as an extra nourishment treatment, apply butter before and after shampooing.

Real Reviews:

“I have been using the OI Oil for several years and have always loved it so I knew I had to try the OI Butter. I’m so glad I did! I use it in the shower twice a week in place of my Love Conditioner. I rinse it out but then add just a little more to the ends before I step out of the shower. It helps to detangle my curls and my hair is super soft when it dries. I am definitely hooked on this new Davines product! :)”

“Used it several times! Great addition to oil hair line! Smell is intoxicating and benefits well if u use Davines u kno! A must try n use product!!!”

Oi Hand Balm

Key Benefits: Nourish all skin types with this buttery balm protecting skin from damage caused by the sun, wind, cold, and excessive hand washing. Equipt with Roucou oil and antioxidants, this product works to provide anti-aging and environmental agents to keep hands hydrated all day.  Your hands will be left feeling silky smooth and oh so youthful!

How to Use: Apply to hands and massage evenly until fully absorbed. 

Real Reviews: 

“The fragrance is wonderful, not overpowering at all. And it works so well.I’ve tried many others. I need cuticle oil and more of this for my body so wondering if they have either. Customer for life!”

“I have extremely dry skin on my hands and will get seasonal eczema that makes my skin crack and bleed in the winter. This is the best hand lotion I have ever found! It leaves my hands feeling silky and soft without any greasy residue. I also really love the smell! I would definitely recommend this lotion!”

“This is literally the best hand lotion/balm I have ever purchased. The smell is amazing and it my hands soo soft.. I have very dry hands from constantly washing them and using antibacterial. This hand balm has definitely made a difference… I’d give it 10 stars if I could..”

Oi Body Wash

Key Benefits: Satisfy all skin types with this gentle cleanser light enough for everyday use! Your skin will instantly feel softened and moisturized from head to toe under a rich lathery foam that will transform your shower to a full spa experience. Your skin will be left silky to the touch and undeniably fragranced all day long!

How to Use: Lather onto damp skin and massage. Rinse, then follow with your fav body moisturizer for best results.

Real Reviews:

“I love everything about this product. I want the shampoo, lotion, can we make it into a deodorant? Anything I can get my hands on.”


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Written by: Ally Rodriguez 

Frequently Asked Questions

Oi is an extremely rich scent full of invigorating and indulgent qualities courtesy of the common ingredient, Roucou oil, that ensures every Oi product has the same long lasting aroma!

Yes, if applied to damp hair before blow drying Oi Oil will protect from harsh heat and also cut drying time. If applied before styling with hot tools, Oi Oil will also work as a heat protectant while reinforcing definition.

Yes! All Davines products are sulfate and paraben free!

No, Davines products do contain silicone. However, these silicone agents are “breathable” meaning they do not leave harsh residue on the hair and do not interfere or affect the performance of other products being used.

Oi All in One Milk provides utmost hydration, shine, tames frizz, detangles, and softens all hair types without weighing it down.

Davines takes great pride in formulating each and every one of their products with natural origin ingredients like fruits and vegetables. These organic ingredients are mixed with minimal synthetic qualities to keep products as natural as possible.

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