Naturaltech: 9 Perfect Solutions for All of Your Hair Needs


Davines’s Naturaltech Line has completely redefined hair care as we know it! Composed of all natural products, each is formulated to create healthy hair starting from the scalp. Consisting of 9 product families, each is full of restorative properties created to help everyone’s unique hair reach its healthiest potential. Innovative formulas combine fresh fruits and vegetables found in nature, with the newest advancements in technology to prepare, treat, and prevent any hair conditions imaginable. Read our product family breakdown below to see why this line is sooo unique and to find which family is just right for your hair!

Naturaltech: Ultimate Breakdown


The name says it all, say hello to major nourishment with the Nourishing family! Formulated with phytoceuticals found in grapes, these products target the scalp for maximum hydration. Free of sulfates and parabens, these products are essential in naturally curing dry scalps and the most damaged hair. Prepare to feel overwhelmed with intense vegetarian nourishment with this family of luxuriously nourishing products!


Indulge your hair in alluring volume when you use the antioxidant filled Replumping family! Created to complement fragile hair prone to breakage, these products excel at maintaining your hair’s natural integrity and elasticity. If those benefits weren’t already enough, the Replumping family also holds the secret key to head turning volume as each of these products make hair appear thicker and fuller!


Initiate new hair growth while simultaneously strengthening thinning hair with the Energizing family! With the help of these products, you’ll feel invigorating stimulation starting from your scalp all the way to your ends as all around moisture locks in new growth. Exhilarating caffeine phytoceuticals work their magic by restraining hair loss and ensuring weak hair has the reinforcement it needs to prevent breakage!


Kick pesky dandruff to the curb with the gentle cleansing Purifying family! Ingredients such as fresh dandelion, are full of anti-inflammatory abilities that smoothly penetrate unbalanced scalps to create healthy conditions for new hair growth. As clarifying and detoxifying properties stop the production of flakes from dandruff in its tracks, you’ll wish you tried these products sooner!


Uncontrollable oily hair doesn’t stand a chance against the Rebalancing family! Without stripping the hair’s natural essential oils, this shampoo works at rebalancing sebum production while calming oil production glands for a deep sensational cleanse. Formulated with carbohydrate and sugar infused lemon to prevent inflammation, this shampoo is just what oily hair needs to get back to its normal state!


Nourish and hydrate with the gentle cleansing Well-being family! Composed with echinacea extract serving as a powerful antioxidant, this shampoo and conditioner duo provide out of this world hydration to both the scalp and hair. Your hair will feel nothing but strong and healthy without the worry of your natural hair structure being altered!


Deeply cleanse and lightly exfoliate thoroughly all the way from your scalp to your hair with the Detoxifying family! With this shampoo, you’ll rid your hair of product build-up leaving your hair squeaky clean, while also protecting from harsh free radicals caused by pollutant exposure. Free of parabens and sulphates, this shampoo naturally provides a deep clean wash freeing your hair from the toxins holding it down!


Restore the precious youth of your scalp and hair with the anti-aging Renewing family! Full of natural spinach and maqui berry, these products are enriched with antioxidants that protect and maintain the health of both scalp and hair. Feel overwhelmed with longevity as this shampoo and conditioner duo create intense vigor keeping your hair as young as ever before!



Satisfy your sensitive hair and scalp with the ever so soothing Calming family! Phytoceuticals derived from blueberries provide extraordinary anti-inflammation strength to make every wash a serene one! 


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Written by: Ally Rodriguez