Top 8 Davines Products for Summer


Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means: it’s time to beat the heat! As temperatures rise, so do opportunities for outdoor activities that can leave you vulnerable to damage by the sun. This kind of excess unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to irreversible health issues if the right precautions are not taken. So stop waiting and  protect yourself to keep your hair and skin cared for on even your hottest days this summer!

Check out our list below of our top 8 Davines products you’ll want to get your hands on to prepare for summer 2020! These marvelous natural products are here and ready to make this a summer you’ll never forget.  Live your best life confidently soaking up the sun knowing your hair and skin are protected from sun exposure like never before! 


SU Milk– Protect your precious color from fading in the summer sun with this sunscreen made just for your hair! Just spritz on before sun exposure to let its UV protection keep your color as vibrant as ever, while also protecting your hair from damage by the sun. Get ready for your hair to instantly feel hydrated and detangled for easy combing to let you get back to focusing on fun in the sun!

SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser– Deep clean your hairs impurities away from pollution and product residue with this gentle sea salt scrub! Effortlessly cleanse your hair and rejuvenate your scalp leaving your hair clean longer. Your confidence will be booming knowing your hair is as clean as can be, while also feeling incredibly light and soft to the touch!

SU Hair Mask– Revitalize hair held down by excess chlorine, salt, and sun with this revolutionary hair mask made specifically for after sun exposure! Relax after your long summer days when you apply this antioxidant filled mask that will leave your hair totally restored from the sun and looking stunningly shiny. Keep your hair happy and healthy with this mask while you live your best life this summer!

Hair Refresher-Cleanse and refresh your hair on the go without using any water with this life changing dry shampoo! Don’t let unwashed hair take a backseat this summer; Hair Refresher will send endless body and volume your way. Just spray in your roots and work it in with your fingertips to boost your hair to life between every activity you find yourself in this summer!

SU Hair & Body Wash-End everyday spent out in the sun the right way with this two in one body wash and shampoo! Refresh and renew after your days in the sun from head to toe making restored hydration a priority. Filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients made to soothe from sun exposure– this wash sets itself aside as it moisturizes for the softest skin and hair. 

Sea Salt Spray-Create your own beachy waves everyday with this amazing texturizing spray! Mist and work into wet or dry hair, then watch as effortless matte waves come to life. Major volume and shine will complete your beachy look as if you just stepped off the shore!

Oil Non Oil-Add structure and define any look with this unbelievably light oil! Just apply to dry hair and style any way you please to smooth out even the most unruly frizz. Natural looking definition and hydration will keep your style going strong from morning to night all summer long!

SU Aftersun-Cool and relieve your skin after all your days under the sun with this nourishing body cream! Its lightweight protection guarantees your skin will feel refreshed without any stubborn greasy residue. This quick absorbing gel to cream formula ensures fast relief to sunburned skin providing the utmost undeniable hydration!


This post was written by our receptionist, Ally!