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What Davines Products are Best for Your Hair Type?

With so many Davines products to choose from, we understand it can be incredibly overwhelming to pick the correct products according to our individual hair types, so we compiled a list of different hair statuses along with the corresponding products for each! We hope that this list can help alleviate any problems in your Davines journey.









The following products will allow you to maintain and even enhance your hair color, with the illuminating Minu line and the color-depositing line, these products will be sure to keep your hair looking wonderful between hair appointments!









The following products will bring your curls to life all while allowing them to resist humidity, prevent frizz, and provide elasticity for the bounciest of curls! From washing, to styling products, to finishing products– it’s all right here!









The following products are perfect for restoring and repairing even the most damaged of hair! From the Nourishing family to the Melu family, anti-breakage remedies are just around the corner!









The following products will contribute to hydrating and nourishing the scalp to help alleviate any flakey-ness and leave you dandruff free. The all-natural ingredients will maintain the integrity of your hair.


Healthy hair starts here! From shampoo and conditioner, to leave in products, to styling products, your hair will be looking and feeling amazing!









Bring your hair back to life with these volume-building products! These lightweight products can guarantee added body and volume without weighing your hair down. Start your voluminous journey with Volu!








The anti-frizz products in this category will help you detangle, smooth, and add shine to your hair, We couldn’t ask for more!









Hair loss treatment starts at the scalp and the Energizing formulas in this category are guaranteed to kick-start additional hair growth and even prevent further hair loss.









Explore all of the Davines lines in this category– whether you’re looking for an everyday shampoo and conditioner or something that will leave your hair smelling amazing– you’ll find your perfect match here!









Restore healthy scalp and hair with all natural Davines products that will help clean, refresh, and eliminate any unwanted excess oils!










Because the skin on our head is so tender, it is prone to sensitivity that can be caused by things such as pollution, stress, and unnecessary chemicals. The Calming family is here to help!

We hope the information helps you pick the perfect products for your hair, if you have any additional questions regarding which products are best for you, you can always send us a DM on instagram @_thecolourbar and we will be more than happy to help!