Best Sellers of 2020

best sellers

With so many products to choose from, we wanted to curate a list of our best sellers to ease your shopping experience! We understand that there are tons of different hair types so within our best-sellers, we will be sure to include the hair type the products are best suited for.

Kicking off our best sellers, we have the Oi Line, and with good reason! These products are incredibly versatile and there is something for everyone. From shampoo, to oil, to body wash—everyone has equal opportunity to experience all that Oi has to offer! Davines describes the line as, “formulated with Roucou oil, the products give extraordinary shine and softness to any kind of hair. For softer and smoother skin, you can also complement your daily hair care routine with both an anti-aging hand cream and moisturizing body wash.” 

Some of the key benefits included in the Oi line are: instantly softer and smoother hair,  tangle free—easy to comb hair, and a fragrance that is to die for! The Oi Line has many benefits that you are guaranteed to see and feel after just one use and the best part, it’s for all hair types! Within the Oi Line, our top sellers include the shampoo and conditioner, Oi All in One Milk, and Oi Oil. Check out our Oi Bundles for 10% savings!

Following Oi, we have the NouNou family. This family consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask—all jam-packed with moisture and nourishment for days. This family works best for those with severely dry and damaged hair. If you’ve experimented with bleach, perms, relaxers, or even too much heat, this is the product for you. It deeply cleanses the hair while restoring its natural softness and shine. One of our favorite cocktails is Melu Shampoo with Nounou Hair Mask, I mean seriously, your hair will be so soft. 

nounou shampoo nounou hair mask nounou conditioner

Next up is the beloved Love Smooth family. Targeted for coarse, frizzy, and  unruly hair—once you start using it, you’ll never go back. Geared toward those with natural texture who seek a smooth and straight look. With just three products, this is a simple but effective hair regimen that will give you amazing results. The shampoo and conditioner perfectly cleanse unruly hair while leaving it soft, smooth, and moisturized. After washing, apply the love hair smoother to towel-dried hair and you’ll be blown away by the delivered results. Designed to moisturize without weighing your hair down, Love Hair Smoother is my secret weapon to a sleek and smooth blowout that lasts for days. 

love smooth shampoo love smooth conditioner love hair smoother

Contrary to the Love Smooth family, our next best-seller is the Love Curl family, aimed at those who want to enhance their natural texture. This family gives elasticity to curly/wavy hair and makes the hair soft and light to bring out its natural texture and volume. This family comes with 8 different products to easily customize your perfect curly-hair regimen. Our best-sellers are the shampoo and conditioner, but we recommend the love curl cream to further enhance your curls! 

love curl shampoo love curl conditioner love curl cream

The Melu family is up next and we absolutely love this line. This family is made for anti-breakage, specifically for those with long or extremely damaged hair. The elasticizing formula is designed to delicately cleanse the hair, while making it soft and silky. The Melu family comes with shampoo, conditioner, and our hair bff—Melu hair shield. This thermal protectant is essential for soft and healthy locks all year long.

melu shampoomelu conditionermelu hair shield

Finally, we have the Renaissance Circle, which comes from the Circle Chronicles line. This mask retails for only $10.50 and it is completely results driven. Not only does this mask smell wonderful, but it brings damaged hair completely back to life after just one use. This mask is perfect for those of us who use hot tools on the regular and are in dire need of shine and nourishment. You really can’t go wrong with this mask. 

The Renaissance Circle

That completes our round up of our best-sellers! We hope this was helpful and alleviates the stress of going through all of the products that Davines has to offer. If you find yourself needing recommendations, feel free to shoot us a DM on Instagram @_thecolourbar and we will be more than happy to provide a custom regimen tailored to your needs! Happy shopping 🙂