5 Ways to Stop Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair loss is never fun, especially in a world where we all desire thick and voluminous hair. Hair loss can be triggered by numerous factors such as stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, and the list goes on—but the Energizing family from Davines is your one stop shop to ease any kind of hair loss.

Davines markets this family as, “stimulating products for the treatment of different kinds of hair loss,” and we couldn’t agree more.  A continuous best seller, the products within the Energizing family are bound to give you wonderful results that will leave you with the hair of your dreams because all we want is for you to love your hair.

Product Breakdown: 

energizing shampoo

Energizing Shampoo: This product makes 5 bold statements and lives up to each one of them. It claims to invigorate, moisturize, balance, provide a (you guessed it) energizing sensation, and enhance your scalps overall well-being. Let us tell you, it does all 5 and it is a definite must have if you are looking to reinstate the integrity of your hair. Learn more about how to use it and ingredients here. 

    • Client Testimony: “I have always had very fine hair. Once I began using ENERGIZING shampoo, I was able to have a lot more texture and thickness to my hair. I am now postpartum with my first baby and had such thick hair throughout my pregnancy. With this shampoo, I am able to sustain the hair regrowth from the hair that is falling from postpartum hair loss. I have loved this shampoo for years and will use it as long as Davines creates it!” – Dana

energizing superactive

Energizing Superactive: Serum for hair loss due to androgenetic factors. Its formula improves the scalp tone, controls the hyper-production of serum, reduces the hair loss which improves your hair density. This formula is not only active, but also preventative. While it stimulates new growth, it also prevents future loss. Learn more about how to use it and ingredients here. 

    • Client Testimony:“Before starting this product I noticed my hair was thinning at the roots. You could literally see through my scalp, it looked like I was balding at the root. My hair was also falling out in chunks at times. I have very fine hair as is, so this was disheartening and so embarrassing. My hair is now completely full at the root and looks extremely healthy and full. I HIGHLY recommend it!” -Alissa

energizing gel

Energizing Gel: It gives strength and body to fine and stressed hair with a revitalizing cosmetic effect while moisturizing and invigorating the hair, creating a light styling effect. This product also stimulates new growth while preventing future breakage.  Learn more about how to use it and ingredients here. 

    • Client Testimony: “I started using this product a month ago. I have seen great results with new hair growth!! It is easy to use, and smells terrific!” -Suzie

energizing thickening tonic

Energizing Thickening Tonic: Leave in tonic to increase the diameter of the hair fiber expanding it from the very first application. This product results in your hair looking shiny and full bodied, but not never weighed down. As it enhances your styling routine, it also regenerates and invigorates your scalp. Learn more about how to use it and ingredients here. 

    • Client Testimony: “I use this 3 times a week, it is just a great product!” -Donnie

energizing seasonal superactive

Energizing Seasonal Superactive: Did you know that even a change in environment can trigger hair loss, such as transitioning from summer to winter? This is why Davines launched a seasonal version of their best-selling Energizing Superactive. It is a regenerating lotion recommended both in cases of hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors, and as a preventive treatment.  It reduces hair loss and improves hair density and body. Learn more about how to use it and ingredients here.

    • Client Testimony: “I suddenly lost a lot of hair, mainly on top. After I started using this product, the hair loss became less and less and stopped completely within 2 weeks. I have been using this product  for about 5-6 weeks and I noticed my hair is growing back, much fuller and thicker. I am so happy!” -Joyce

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