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It’s no secret that we LOVE Davines products and one of the main reasons is that they have something for everyone! This is important to us because as a Davines exclusive salon, we want to ensure that all of our clients can find a hair regimen that works for them. On the contrary, we understand that having such a variety of products to choose from can also make it overwhelming to know what products will yield the best results for your hair type.

In this blog post, we will be breaking down the different hair types and pairing them with products that are effective in enhancing your hair. To make it as simple as possible, we have also made categories over on our shop page for each hair type that contain the products that will work best.

If you have any specific questions regarding a product or need help determining your hair type, please do not hesitate to shoot us a DM over on Instagram for any product recommendations, we are more than happy to help. Now let’s get into it!



Two of our top Davines lines to recommend for colored hair are Essentials: Minu and Alchemic. Minu is actually short for illuminating, and this shampoo and conditioner aids in maintaining and extending the life of your color and enhancing shine. The Alchemic line is fantastic for those with red, copper, and auburn hair in specific. The color depositing formula will extend the life of your color and can be used in-between appointments to refresh your color from the comfort of your own home.

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(1) $2.00$39.00

Product Bundles

Minu Bundle with Oi Oil

Original price was: $130.00 – $237.00.Current price is: $130.00 – $209.55.


Whether you’re looking to enhance your curls or if you prefer to style your curls with hot tools, Davines has just the right products for you. The Essentials: Love and Love Curl families are formulated specifically for curly hair. Love aims to fight frizz, smooth hair, and aid in seamless hot-tool styling while Love Curl is formulated to enhance your curls while taming any unwanted frizz and combating humidity. 

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Curly Hair

Love Hair Smoother

(2) $33.00

Product Bundles

Love Curl Bundle

Original price was: $110.00 – $217.00.Current price is: $110.00 – $189.55.
Original price was: $130.00 – $237.00.Current price is: $130.00 – $209.55.


Hot tools and bleach are so much fun but unfortunately they can also cause  so much damage. Thankfully, there are plenty of products that can provide a solution. Two of our top-selling families for damaged hair are Natural Tech: Nourishing and Essentials: Melu. The Nourishing family is a bit more intensive than Melu, so we recommend that particular family to those with extremely compromised hair.

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Damaged Hair

Nourishing Shampoo

(7) $2.00$78.20
(3) $2.00$93.50
Original price was: $113.00 – $220.00.Current price is: $113.00 – $192.55.


The following products will contribute to hydrating and nourishing the scalp to alleviate any flakey-ness and leave your scalp dandruff free. Rich in dandelion phytoceuticals, Click here to shop all products tailored for treating dandruff, your hair will be cleansed and  nourished but never irritated. 

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Colored Hair

Rebalancing Shampoo



Healthy, nourished hair starts here! The Essentials: Momo family is short for moisturizing. This beautifully fragrant formula will add so much hydration into your hair and the natural active ingredients will ensure that it holds onto the moisture, in a good way of course. 

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Best Sellers

OI All in One Milk

(31) $2.00$37.00
(1) $32.00

Product Bundles

Momo Bundle with Oi Oil

Original price was: $130.00 – $237.00.Current price is: $130.00 – $209.55.


The following product families turn the volume all the way up. Natural Tech: Replumping and Essentials: Volu are the ones for you! Volu deeply cleanses your hair to  ensure there is no residue weighing it down while Replumping provides added elasticity  for all  the bounce and body you’ll ever need.

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Damaged Hair

Replumping Shampoo

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We understand the defeat that comes with taking the time to style your hair, only for it to become frizzy moments later. With Essentials: Love, you’ll no longer face this problem. The Love line is bursting with active ingredients that help combat frizz all day long.

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Best Sellers

Oi Conditioner

(45) $2.00$102.00

Damaged Hair

NouNou Hair Mask

(2) $2.00$83.30
(1) Original price was: $113.00 – $220.00.Current price is: $113.00 – $192.55.


Hair-loss can be triggered by things such as hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, or heat/bleach damage but luckily, we have a few solutions for it. Hair loss treatment starts at the scalp and the Natural Tech: Energizing family is guaranteed to kick-start additional hair growth and even prevent further hair loss

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(1) $50.00


Explore all of the Davines lines in this category– whether you’re looking for an everyday shampoo and conditioner or something that will leave your hair smelling amazing– you’ll find your perfect match here!

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Hair Product

Oi Hair Butter

(9) $2.00$106.25
(2) $2.00$90.10
(1) $37.00


It can be difficult to combat excessive oil and even more frustrating to have to deal with it (fun fact: excess oil can also help our hair grow, yay!  So it’s not all bad) but these products can help prevent excess oil and even maintain it during the day. 

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Because the skin on our head is so tender, it is prone to sensitivity that can be caused by things such as pollution, stress, and unnecessary chemicals. The Natural Tech: Calming family is perfect to put any sensitivity at ease!

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