The Ultimate Spring 2021 Regimen for Your Best Hair

spring regimen

Spring is in bloom! As the new season begins and the weather starts to get warmer, it’s important to keep in mind that the products within our hair regimen need a refresh as well. With more sun, our hair gets oily faster and because pool days consist of salt + chlorine water, our hair also gets drier all while being exposed to the sun. 

We have compiled a list of essentials to keep your hair living it’s best life this spring season that can be (and should be) transitioned into your summer routine as well to maintain fresh and light locks throughout the warmer seasons. From washing, to masking, to styling, to deep cleansing, to refreshing we got you covered in all hair-maintenance realms. 


MOMO:  Short for moisturizing, this shampoo and conditioner duo is the ultimate power-duo when it comes to treating dehydrated hair. This lightweight gel shampoo and creamy conditioner delicately cleanse damaged hair while replenishing moisture with Cartucciaru Melon extract, resulting in maximum shine and hydration. Side note— it smells so good.

MELU: This shampoo and conditioner works seamlessly at repairing long and/or brittle hair. Creamy and foamy, MELU shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses and moisturizes hair with lentil seed extract, improving its elasticity and preventing breakage. A must have, especially for blondes!


OI ALL IN ONE MILK: A must-have all. year. long. This product is essential to providing hydration, detangling, and enhancing shine immediately after washing. This product is lightweight enough to perform on all hair types. The best part? It even works as a heat protectant against hot tools. It really does it all. 

OI OIL: This oil is perfect to lock in alllll the hydration that Oi All in One Milk will provide. Oftentimes, we apply oil and don’t feel any added hydration, the key is to provide a conditioning and moisturizing base first for the oil to cling on to. This oil will work flawlessly at taming frizz on all hair types and will never weigh your hair down. 


SPOTLIGHT CIRCLE: The spotlight will be on you with this one! It gives the hair a boost of shine and enhances color, but of course, never weighs the hair down. Best part? It’s perfect for all hair types, but will benefit those who lack shine the absolute most. 

WAKE UP CIRCLE: This mask is particularly useful when you need a little pick me up! Its invigorating benefits provide energy and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Perfect to apply on a Saturday morning to provide you with some self love and extra energy! 


SU MILK: If you love to be out in the sun, trade in Oi All in One Milk for Su Milk! These two products serve a very similar purpose, Su Milk just comes with the added UV protectant benefit! Still hydrates,  detangles, enhances shine, and smells just as good just more tailored for Spring and Summer! 

SU AFTERSUN: If you find yourself having too much fun in the sun, Su Aftersun is the perfect product to incorporate into your routine to soothe your skin and feel immediate relief on dry and/or sunburned  skin from sun exposure. 


TEXTURIZING SERUM: For the most textured of waves, this will be your new go to! This  serum helps  achieve a texturizing effect while remaining soft and reworkable. This product can be air dried or blow dried in, it’s perfect either way to create body and add structure. 

SEA SALT SPRAY: For the ultimate beachy waves. This spray makes tousled, beachy, full-bodied hair  effortlessly achievable— while leaving behind a matte finish to yield extra natural results. 

SHIMMERING MIST: With the sun shining extra bright, allow this lightweight mist to enhance shine but  reduce frizz for the most perfectly polished locks. Just like every other product, Shimmering Mist is nearly undetectable, leaving your hair bouncy and never weighed down. 


HAIR REFRESHER: There is  something so dreadful about  hair-washing-day that is so  dreadful, we get it. That’s why we highly suggest incorporating a dry shampoo in your routine to prolong wash day as long as possible. The Hair Refresher absorbs the excess sebum, while giving immediate body to the hair. 

SOLU SEA SALT SCRUB: Now that your hair is fully loaded with the Hair Refresher and wash day is approaching, this is an absolute must have.  This scrub refreshes the scalp and removes impurities, product residues and polluting particles. It gives so much texture to the hair and keeps it clean, airy, and light! 

We hope you found this helpful and incorporate some of our favorite products into your new Spring regimen to keep your hair light and fresh all season long! Shoot us a DM on Instagram should you need any additional recommendations.