7 Davines Must Haves for Your Best Hair

davines must haves

In a world full of thousands of different hair products, we wanted to breakdown our current Davines Must Haves. The holy grails. The crème de la crème.

So, we asked our stylists what their current go-to Davines product is. A product they use not only on their clients, but even on themselves for guaranteed good hair days! A product that always yields a hair masterpiece. Interested? Keep reading to learn about our Davines must haves!


First up is OIL NON OIL, it adds structure and definition to hair and smooths frizz without leaving residue and gives natural, hydrated, healthy looking shine and texture.

Our stylist Hailee says, “I love how light weight it is especially since I have thin hair it doesn’t weigh it down and it adds shine and calms down my little bit of frizz that I do have! It’s amazing.”

If you are someone who often times stays away from oil, this may be the product for you! It yields the same results but because the formula is so lightweight, it feelsquite undetectable.

Curly Hair

Oil Non Oil


The next current favorite, is also a favorite year round favorite, and that is Davines Dry Texturizer! This product is ideal for anyone who wants some hold and texture, but doesn’t love that feeling the that hairspray sometimes leaves behind. It adds just enough hold to make your style last.

Your end result will be reworkable, tousled, and effortless! Not to mention, it smells super great as well!

(9) $21.00$44.00

Next on the list is Authentic Nourishing Oil, This oil contains 100% natural origin ingredients and 30% of organically grown safflower oil and works great for all skin and hair types.

This oil is wonderful because it can be used on both your hair and your skin and will leave you feeling nourished, smooth, and hydrated. It’s a double win and the only 2-in-1 product we support!

Medium Hold Modeling Gel is another TCB favorite! It is for structured, full-body hair and it really does just that! This Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel gives body an elasticity to curls, dries quickly and eliminates frizz.

This product works great for emphasizing natural curl texture, or you can even blow dry it in for maximum, but flexible hold.

Medium Hold Pliable Paste maintains the natural shine and movement of hair, never leaving it stiff or sticky, which is a leading reason that we love it so much!

It adds natural hold to the hair.leaving it flexible, defined, and of course, effortless! This product can be applied to damp hair and blow dried in or you can distribute a small amount throughout dry, styled hair fora piecey and textured end look.

And of course, we can’t write a blog post without mentioning our ride or dies, Oi All in One Milk + Melu Hair Shield. These two products are essential for keeping your hair hydrated, healthy, soft, tangle-free, and protected!

Oi All in One Milk is the Holy Grail for soft, shiny, and hydrated hair This lightweight formula softens, detangles, controls frizz and protects from frizz on all hair types!

Melu Hair Shield is a must-have to maintain the integrity of your hair. MELU Hair Shield helps to provide a barrier between your hair and hot tools for a healthier styling experience. We promise you will see and feel results after just one use!

Best Sellers

OI All in One Milk

(31) $2.00$37.00

Damaged Hair

Melu Hair Shield

(5) $42.00

We hope you enjoyed this post all about our Davines Must Haves and we hope you love them as much as we do!

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Thank you so much for reading!