8 Exciting New Hair Lightening Services at The Colour Bar

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The Colour Bar service menu is getting a make over in 2022! We understand knowing what kind of appointment to book can be confusing. Here is a full breakdown of what you can expect from all of our new hair lightening services.

What is Hair Lightening? Is it More Than Just Highlights?

Most of the looks you find on Pinterest involve some sort of hair lightening. The process involves using bleach to lighten the hair to your desired shade. My favorite analogy for the bleaching process is that it is like sanding down a piece of stained wood.

When you sand a piece of stained wood, it reveals the underneath natural wood color. Hair has the same thing! When your stylist lightens your hair, it reveals your underneath hair color. Your underneath hair color ranges from red to orange to yellow to pale yellow. It all depends on how dark your natural hair color is. Now that we’ve “sanded” your hair, we need to “re-stain” it so that it’s the desired tone that you want. This is when your Toner comes in! Toner is like stain but for your hair. It is what gets rid of the ugly orange/yellow tones you don’t want and replace them with the creamy blonde or cool tone brown of your dreams!

You can lighten your hair using a multitude of different techniques. Thanks to the internet it’s hard to tell the difference between a technique and an effect. A hair lightening technique is how we actually apply the bleach to your hair. A hair lightening effect is more focused on where you’re seeing the lightness. By removing technique terms like “highlight”, “ombre”, or “balayage” from our menu and only including effect terminology, we are hoping to make it easier on you during the booking experience.

8 New Hair Lightening Services

All of our hair lightening services include:

  • In Depth Consultation with a Professionally Trained Stylist
  • Lightening Effect selected
  • Blended Toner Effect
  • Signature Scalp Massage
  • Blow Dry & Styling
  • Personalized Davines Home Care Routine Recommendations
  1. Face Frame

    A small amount of foils focused right around your face. Adds a pop of brightness right where you see it! A great option alone or as an pick me up in-between bigger lightening services.

    face frame hair lightening
    Color by Tregan
  2. Highlights on Half of the Head

    Traditional highlights on half of your head. There will still be a lot of your natural color coming through. This isn’t limited to just the top of your head giving you and your stylist more freedom to fully customize the look you’re going for.

    hair lightening
    Highlight on Half of Head by Hailee
  3. Highlights All Over the Head

    Traditional highlights distributed throughout your head. This option is still going to leave a lot of your natural color out keeping it super dimensional.

    hair lightening
    Highlight on Full Head by Cameron
  4.  Lightening Session

    These appointments are reserved for when you are looking to make major progress towards your hair goals. More often than not, there are more than one hair lightening technique being used to truly give you that Pinterest look you fell in love with.

    lightening session
    Lightening Session with Katherine
  5. High Impact Lightening Session

    If a Lighten Session was running to your hair goals, the High Impact Lightening Session is sprinting, arms wide, towards them. Even more lightening techniques used covering a larger percentage of hair.

    hair lightening
    High Impact Lightening Session by Josie
  6. All Over Lightening in Foils

    Every single piece of hair on your head gets put into a foil. This can still have a rooted effect or you can also lighten the roots to match the the rest of your hair. By putting the hair in foils, you are ensuring the max amount of lightness possible. Depending on your starting point and your end goal, this may be the only option to get all over lighter.

    hair lightening
    All Over Lightening with Foils by Tregan
  7. All Over Lightening Open Air

    Bleach gets put all over your head, but without foils. Every piece of your hair will be lightened during this service. Open air processing will never give you as much lightness as when you put the hair in foils.

    hair lightening
    All Over Lightening Open Air by Cameron
  8. New Growth All Over Lightening

    Only includes the new growth since your last All Over Lightening service. You must come in within 4-6 weeks of your most recent appointment to qualify for this service. Coming in this frequently ensures even lightening of your hair so it’s a seamless as possible.

As always, we require a Color Service Consultation before starting a new color journey with us. We will be able to give you an exact price breakdown when you come in and we see your hair.

Hopefully this list helped to clear things up for you, making what may be the most stressful part of booking an appointment a breeze! If you have anymore questions or need some help figuring out exactly what you need, please contact The Colour Bar and we’d be happy to help.

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂

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