The 5 Best Shampoos for Colored Hair

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So you just got your hair done and you love it— let’s talk about the best shampoo + conditioner so you can extend the longevity of your color and love your hair for longer. Whether you opted for going darker, experimented with a vivid color, or lightened your hair, these are the best shampoo + conditioner duo’s for every scenario! 

We always recommend salon quality hair care, especially when it comes to those with chemically processed hair as maintenance is vital to ensuring the overall health of your hair. All of Davines’ shampoo and conditioner formulas are sulfate free which means they will never strip cosmetic color or leave your hair feeling dry and lifeless.

Best Shampoo’s for Colored Hair


Let’s start with MINU- this family is short for ILLUMINATE which does just that. The Minu Shampoo and Conditioner are specifically for those with color treated hair as it helps to lock in color and enhance shine. This shampoo is best for people who are getting color deposited on their hair— such as a root touch up, all over color, or a toner. There are other formulations in the Davines family that cater more specifically to those who lighten their hair that are more intensive and reparative as bleach will cause the most damage. 

The Minu family also comes with a hair serum and a hair mask which also aid in enhancing shine, maintaining color, and protecting your hair. The Minu Hair Mask  is designed to deeply nourish colored hair without weighing it down, while also making it soft and silky, improving the longevity of cosmetic color.


Best Sellers

Minu Shampoo

(9) $2.00$73.10

Best Sellers

Minu Conditioner

(5) $2.00$82.45

Colored Hair

Minu Hair Mask

(3) $2.00$83.30

Colored Hair

Minu Hair Serum



Next up, we have the Alchemic family. These shampoo and conditioners are perfect for anyone who is looking to refresh their colored hair as these formulas actually deposit color into the hair. From copper, to red, to silver, to pink— you name it, the alchemic family is perfect for enhancing your color. 

One thing to note is that because these formulas are depositing color, you may notice your hair feels like it is lacking moisture. This is common with most color-depositing formulas, so we recommend incorporating a hair mask or moisturizing conditioner into your regimen to prevent this.

(2) $2.00$98.00
(2) $2.00$86.00
(1) $2.00$39.00


Calling all blondes! The Heart of Glass family is for YOU! This family is a 4-step regimen which was formulated to simplify maintaining blonde hair, but putting your hairs’ health at the forefront of the formulations. 

This family includes the best shampoo, conditioner, intensive treatment, and leave-in-product that help to illuminate and tone your blonde, brighten the appearance of your hair, and most importantly repair any damage caused by chemically processing your hair. Rest assured, maintaining your blonde has never been easier! 

(13) $2.00$68.00
(7) $2.00$85.00
(5) $2.00$36.00
(2) $2.00$85.00


For those of us who not only color our hair, but also love our hot tools, the Melu family is here for the rescue. The formulation of this family is specifically to repair and prevent breakage. Both using hot tools and lightening our hair is essentially causing irreversible damage but it is possible to prevent your hair from breaking any further with the Melu family. 

This family is simple- a shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant to get your through! These three products are formulated to gently cleanse, moisturize your hair with lentil seed extract, and improve its elasticity and prevent breakage. Our most favorite thing about Melu Hair Shield is its anti-static which helps with pesky flyways!


Best Sellers

Melu Shampoo

(9) $2.00$73.10

Best Sellers

Melu Conditioner

(8) $2.00$82.45

Damaged Hair

Melu Hair Shield

(6) $42.00


If you are a consistent bleacher, The Nourishing Family is for you! This family comes with your essential shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in but also has two hair masks and a superactive. 

For severely dry or damaged hair— the Nourishing family uses ultra-gentle surfactants and naturally nourishing extracts to cleanse and condition hair, leaving it soothed, soft, and protected. The conditioner as well as the masks are deeply moisturizing and healing, with intensive formulas that replenish the hydration levels of brittle hair, leaving it stronger and more resilient.

Lock in the benefits with the Nourishing Keratin Sealer,  a nourishing and protective fluid that doesn’t need rinsing. It seals hair cuticles, increases brightness and softness, strengthens the hair fiber and prevents split ends.

(5) $2.00$90.10

Damaged Hair

Nourishing Shampoo

(7) $2.00$78.20
(3) $2.00$93.50
(1) $37.00

We hope you found this post helpful and even more so, we hope you found a solution for maintaining your hair between hair appointments to ensure it’s happy, healthy, and shiny! If you need any additional recommendations, please do not hesitate to send us a DM on Instagram.