4 Must Have Products for a Healthy Blonde

healthy blonde

Struggling to maintain a healthy blonde? We got you! Summer is right around the corner and we know that this is the prime time for clients to begin going lighter so they can have that bombshell blonde by the summer. As much as we love blonding our clients, the integrity of our clients’ hair will ALWAYS be most important to us – if we are lightening your hair, we are also going to help you keep it healthy and strong. 

Last year, Davines launched a collection formulated for people with chemically treated hair called HEART OF GLASS. This 4-part system is for enhancing, brightening, maintaining, and strengthening chemically treated hair. We love this system because unlike most purple/blue shampoo’s on the market- it’s intention isn’t only to tone your hair between appointments, but to repair and prepare it for your next lightening sessions.

When we lighten our hair, it is important to note that there is only so much your stylist can do to keep your hair protected. Bleaching is an intense chemical treatment no matter what, so home care is always going to be the most vital step in keeping your hair healthy and strong so that you can have the blonde of your dreams.  With all that said, let’s talk about each product within the HEAT OF GLASS family and the benefits of this regimen.


At the forefront of your regimen is the Silkening Shampoo! While most purple/blue shampoos are intended for weekly/bi-weekly use due to the formulations that can dry out our hair, Silkening Shampoo can actually be used for every wash to aid in achieving a healthy blonde. The pigmentation in this shampoo is mild— so you may not notice the most drastic change in the tone of your hair with the first use, but as you continue to use it, your hair will feel healthy, look shiny, and appear brighter.

(11) $2.00$80.00


Next up is the Rich Conditioner— for a healthy blonde in no time! Nourish and maintain the tone of your hair to prevent unwanted brass- this blonde enhancing conditioner, provides intense nourishment and illuminates blonde shades. Again, similar to the shampoo, you won’t find intense pigment in these formulas as they are enriched with jaqua blue extract which is sourced from a fruit grown sustainability in Colombia. The intent is to illuminate your hair, not necessarily tone it. 

(6) $2.00$100.00


The finishing touch in your regimen is going to be the Sheer Glaze. This is a thermal protection spray that brightens the hair while providing hydration, shine, and protection—this formula also aids in extending the duration of your blowout. What more could we ask for?! Think heat protectant + blow dry primer + leave in conditioner all in one. This is an absolute must have if you are heat styling your hair— hot tools cause irreversible damage but Sheer Glaze will prevent it!

(5) $2.00$36.00


The last product in the HEART OF GLASS family is the intense treatment. As we have discussed, it’s no secret that blonde/lightened hair is oftentimes compromised from the harshness of bleach. This is where intense treatment comes in, rich in Davines’ Biacidic Bond Complex and Baobab Extract, your hair will be repaired and protected from further damage or breakage- healthy blonde only!

(2) $2.00$85.00

That’s it! Maintaining your dream blonde really can be that simple with Heart of Glass! If you have any additional questions regarding the Heart of Glass family or have any other hair related questions, please feel free to reach out via Instagram and we’d be happy to help!