Buy Davines Products You Love at The Colour Bar in 2023. Here’s Why!

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The Colour Bar is a small business located in Midtown Sacramento. When you buy Davines products through The Colour Bar, you are shopping small and locally. It directly impacts families within the Sacramento area and helps to grow the local economy.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, salons were one of the many business that were deemed non-essential. With no way of bringing in income, Alfonso Martinez, Co-Founder and CEO, decided to make the most of the situation. He knew that he could keep income flowing if he sold products to the salon clientele online. Over the past few years, The Colour Bar’s online product sales has grown to now selling Davines products across the United States. What started as something to push through the few months of no income has becoming a way to support not only the Martinez family but all of The Colour Bar employees as well.

4 Reasons to Buy Davines Products from The Colour Bar

  1. Buying Davines from The Colour Bar gives back to the Sacramento area!

    When you buy Davines from The Colour Bar, the company is able to support their employees and grow the local team by providing even more employment opportunities. This income gets spent back into the local economy when the team also shops small!
    Businesses also pay sales tax to the city and county they are located in. When The Colour Bar pays their taxes, it goes towards fixing sidewalks, funding schools maintaining parks right in this area!

  2. The Colour Bar has the highest quality customer service.

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    Chantal Ignatchuk is our Order Fulfillment and Customer Service Specialist here at The Colour Bar. She is who takes care of all of our customer service needs. When you shop with a small business, the customer service is more hands on and personal. We truly want you to be happy with both your products and your experience shopping with us. Your order is hand packed with love and sent out with the utmost care!

  3. You (and your hair!) are going to feel amazing!

    Knowing that you are supporting a small business feels good, and getting great quality products will make your hair feel great! Davines is an Italian brand that cares about you and the environment. In my opinion, it’s a win-win situation so what are you waiting for? Buy Davines products from The Colour Bar today!

  4. The Colour Bar Salon uses Davines on all of our clients daily!

    buy Davines

    Who doesn’t love the way your hair feels after a day at the salon? If you want to recreate the salon fresh feeling, the first step is using the same things your stylist did. At The Colour Bar, we love sharing tips and tricks on how to style your hair. Your stylist will be more than happy to show you the products they are using and why they recommend it for your hair. Next time you’re in the salon, revamp your hair care routine and buy Davines products your stylist used on you.

    If you are not local, and don’t have the opportunity to work with our stylists personally but are still curious about what products could be best for your hair, reach out to us! Our marketing department is across the street from the salon making it easy to check like licensed professionals about what they would recommend for you so your confident when you buy Davines from us!

A Note From The Colour Bar Founders:

We wanted to take a moment to send you a special thank you for your continuous support, it never goes unnoticed.
When you order from us, you are supporting a small, Latina Owned and Founded Business. It is through your purchases that we are able to sustain our business and support our families, our employees, and our employees families.
We are looking forward to many more years of doing business with you and sincerely hope that you know that we could not do what we do without you.

If you ever have any questions regarding your order, your products, or if you’re looking for tailored product recommendations, we are always more than happy to help you.
With Love,
Lorena & Alfonso Martinez
The Colour Bar Salon Owners

Finding your perfect hair care routine can be challenging, but we truly want to help! When you are thinking about where to buy Davines in the future, consider The Colour Bar. It means more to us than we can put into words and we know your hair is going to love it!

Until Next Time,

Josie ♥