The 4 Best Products for a Home Pampering Session This Valentine’s Day

home pampering

Who says Valentine’s Day HAS to be about couples?! We personally think Valentine’s is the perfect time to treat yourself to a little home pampering! Take time out of your busy schedule and give yourself a relaxing + rejuvenating home pampering session with these 4 products. This Valentine’s Day, indulge in a 10 minute hair treatment, an invigorating body wash, and a cozy crewneck that will leave you feeling beautiful! After your relaxing shower, find a comfy spot on your couch and get ready for your favorite movie marathon!

Check out how perfect your home pampering routine below!

Oi Body Wash

home pampering

Start your shower with our favorite body wash! This wash uses Oi’s signature scent while leaving your skin hydrated and happy. Using this will fill your shower with the Oi aroma making your bathroom smell as heavenly as you!

WHAT IT IS: Works on all skin types! Moisturizing and softening, Oi Body Wash has a creamy texture that leaves all skin types feeling soft and silky.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply product to damp skin. Massage in, then rinse!

The Renaissance Circle

Valentine's Day

Take an extra 10 minutes to give your hair the love it deserves! Nothing says self love like repairing your hair.

WHAT IT IS: The Renaissance Circle is a deeply repairing mask for very brittle and damaged hair— it results in your softest, silkiest, and healthiest hair ever. It makes the hair look and feel healthy again by adding back shine and nourishment— perfect for those who use hot tools.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Process for 10 minutes, comb through and rinse. Proceed with styling.

The Spotlight Circle 

Feeling like your color has been dull lately? The Spotlight Circle is here to fix that for you! Enhance your shine in just 10 minutes by adding this to your pampering routine.

WHAT IT IS: The Spotlight Circle nourishes and enhances shine but never weighs your hair down. This illuminating mask brightens the tone of your hair and enhances both natural and cosmetic color.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply to towel-dried hair after shampooing. Process for 10 minutes, comb through and rinse. Proceed with styling.

Oi Hand Balm

Our hands are often SO neglected! The Oi Hand Balm is here to remind you to care for them. This hand balm nourishes skin and protects it from damaging elements – like the sun and cold wind! Finishing your routine off with this hand balm ensures the famous Oi scent will be with you all night long!

WHAT IT IS: For all skin types. OI Hand Balm protects skin from damage caused by sun, wind and cold and provides long-lasting hydration. Winner of Self Magazine’s SELF Approved Beauty Awards for best High-Five Hand Cream in the Post Gym Body category.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply to hands and gently massage until fully absorbed.

Self Love Crewneck

Get cozy on the couch in our favorite crewneck! This sweater will keep you warm while also reminding you to love yourself every time you look in the mirror! It also comes in pink to give you that extra Valentine’s Day feeling <3

Remembering to love ourselves is so hard – but you would be surprised at how far a small pampering session can be for your overall mental health! Paying attention to things is how we show love, so show yourself the most love by paying attention to your physical body!

PS. If you are wanting a movie marathon but don’t know what to watch, check out our favorite list of self love movies here!

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Happy Valetine’s day and happy pampering <3