Dissecting the Top New York Fashion Week Trends and What That Means for Hair 2023

New York fashion week

New York Fashion Week just happened and this means we get an onslaught of articles telling us what the new trends are. I have always found it overwhelming to navigate through just because of how many shows are involved in the event. I thought it would be interesting to take Vogue’s article “The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends of New York Fashion Week” by Calin Van Paris and translate these trends into hair!

In the Vogue article, Van Paris talks about the top 5 trends seen throughout the different shows. Ranging from minimalistic to mystical, the trends can be hard to understand at first glance, but once you dive into them it all starts to make sense.

The 5 Biggest Beauty Trends of New York Fashion Week and What That Means for Hair:

  1. “The Wednesday Effect”
    New York Fashion Week
    I cannot be the only one who has been hearing about the new Netflix show “Wednesday” constantly. Though I haven’t watched it myself, the world quickly became obsessed with it. So much so we’re even seeing it on New York Fashion Week’s runways.
    When it comes to translating this trend into hair, it means that the “expensive brunette” trend is here to stay. People are embracing the dark side and I am here for it.
  2. “The Molten Metallics”
    New York Fashion Week
    Through accessories and make up, metallics were seen across the runways this season. This is emphasizing everyone’s desire for a more high shine effect. We are seeing people leave behind the cooler tones and embracing natural warmth which in turn is going to give more shine and reflection to your hair.
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  3. “The Glossy, Slicked Hair”Seeing as this trend is hair oriented already, it doesn’t need much dissecting to see what happening. The “Model Off Duty” ponytail has officially made it to the runways. Sleek and simple, it says I mean business but also want to look cute. This is one of my favorite dirty hair styles and even have a tutorial on my YouTube channel.
  4. “The Luxurious Skin”
    New York Fashion Week
    Healthy skin is always in, but it was definitely highlighted this year on the New York Fashion Week runways. It’s a signal that we are continuing with embracing a more natural look. We are going to see trends continuing to lean towards low maintenance looks. When it comes to hair color, instead of high contrast looks, more and more people are going to be asking for something close to their natural but elevated.
  5. “The Off-Kilter Color Placements”
    New York Fashion Week
    Bold pops of color is something that isn’t new in the fashion or the hair world. These pops align with the color blocking techniques we are seeing in hair perfectly. However, it’s not like color blocking in the past where it’s harsh and strong. This time around people are still liking a soft and diffused blend to make a normally high contrast effect, look more effortless.

I hope you enjoyed reading my interpretation of New York Fashion Weeks biggest trends and what they mean for hair going forward! Trends are so much fun to observe and consider but at the end of the day you should do what makes you feel like the best version of you. Chasing trends can become exhausting, feeling like you’re never fully “on trend”. My personal opinion is that no matter what is that makes you feel like you, is the best trend you can follow.

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂