Amazing New Hair Treatment at The Colour Bar in 2023

hair treatment

Keeping up with hair trends can be difficult. I often find myself getting on the bandwagon just as it is on it’s way out. The good news is that healthy hair is ALWAYS in style. At The Colour Bar, we have introduced two new hair treatment lines to our back bar stock: K18 Hair and NaturalTech Tailoring.

hair treatment

K18 Hair Treatment

K18 Hair is blowing up on hair stylists’ social medias. The owner of The Colour Bar, Lorena Martinez, knew we needed to be able to offer this new bond building treatment to our clients. After bringing it in, the stylists quickly fell in love with the strengthening effect this treatment gives to our clients’ hair even after an intensive lightening service.

While the K18 treatment is amazing for protecting your hair from chemical services, it’s also great for repairing your hair from heat damage as well.

hair treatment

K18 Hair took the time to research the human hair genome for a decade searching for the perfect sequence, now known as their patented K18Peptide, that fits into damaged keratin bonds bringing it back to it’s original state.

How It Works?

The K18 treatment is a multiple step treatment that continues throughout your service at The Colour Bar. With each step only needing to process for 4 minutes, it is an efficient way to protect your hair.

If your stylist and you decide that K18 is the right treatment for your hair, your service will start with spraying on the Pro Chelating Hair Complex. This spray is meant to set your hair up for success by removing mineral and metal build up and resets the hair to be optimized for chemical and color services.

Next your stylist will spray on the K18 Pro Hair Mist. This spray fortifies your hair pre-service by restoring up to 99% elasticity. It is going to help improve the hair’s resilience to prevent damage both during the service but also after for stronger hair over time. The K18 Pro Hair Mist is renewing your hair for better in-salon results and helps your color last longer and fade slower.

If you are receiving a chemical service, you will then go through this part of your appointment. Regardless you will get washed with the K18 Detox Shampoo to cleanse the hair with or without a chemical service.

As the final step of the K18 treatment, your stylist will apply the K18 Pro Mask, leaving it in the hair to continue to repair damage through your next shampoo. This mask is going to deliver immediate and lasting results, reversing damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat.

NaturalTech Tailoring Hair Treatment

hair treatment

NaturalTech Tailoring is the newest addition to Davines’ NaturalTech hair care line. It is a fully customizable hair treatment line that is only available in salon. With 24 customized hair treatment mixtures, you can be sure your hair is getting exactly what it needs.


However, what your hair needs won’t always be the same. Having a customizable hair treatment system allows you and your stylist the ability to choose what you want out of your hair no matter what life chapter you’re in.

hair treatment

How It Works?

When you come in for your appointment, your stylist will help you fill out the digital consultation tool which will tell you the perfect base and booster for your hair needs. As a bonus it also gives you the perfect home care routine!

Once you’ve helped to determine what mixture your hair needs, you get to sit back and enjoy the experience. Your stylist will custom mix your hair treatment for you. One of the best parts of this line is that the amazing results they offer come instantly. Our world moves fast and if we can get the same high quality results without having to wait the extra 10 to 15 minutes.

After washing your hair, your stylist will apply your custom mixed hair treatment based on your hair’s primary needs and secondary desires. These treatments are hydrating enough that, depending on your hair type, your stylist won’t even need to follow up with conditioner afterwards.

Following Davines’ high sustainability standards, this treatment line is:

  • Up to 98.9% ingredients of natural origin
  • Up to 96.9% biodegradable ingredients

Both K18 Hair and Davines’ NaturalTech Tailoring are amazing additions to The Colour Bar menu. Be sure to ask your stylist about the new hair treatment options we have at your next appointment.

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂